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1991 Citation V 560-0123 Sold

The Sky Aviation Holdings (SAH) sales team is pleased to announce the sale of a 1991 Citation V.

Zach Heffley of Heffley Aviation represented the buyers. Zach not only had significant knowledge of the Cessna 560 line but was also type-rated in the aircraft (allowing him to fly it), which was a great asset to his buyers and the transaction.

Kyle McConnell, Sales Advisor for SAH, said β€œIt was a pleasure working with Zach Heffley and his team; they were knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process.”

This always β€œN” registered Citation V featured:

  • Fresh Phase 1-5 (Signature TechnicAir 05/2022)
  • TBO Extension STC
  • Garmin GTN-750/650
  • SB560-34-32 Completed (12,200 lb. Zero Fuel Weight)
  • Cessna STC SA2781CE Incorporated (16,300 lb Gross Takeoff Weight)

The Sky Aviation Holdings sales team has been in the business of buying and selling jets for over 50+ years. Our experience in conjunction with our superior products is next to none.

One of the advantages of purchasing this aircraft was that it came with a TBO Extension STC. TBO Extension extends the time between overhauls. A TBO Extension after mid-life increases the value of your aircraft by up to double our cost. This addition can save significant costs in the future, too.

The installation for TBO Extension is simple and highly beneficial to the owner. There are two options that you can choose from. You can install the kit and complete a Hot Section Inspection, which is traditionally required when the engine reaches the halfway point of its time between overhauls (TBO). With this option, you could get up to 2000-hours before an overhaul is required. The other option is to install TBO Extension without a Hot Section Inspection, which will automatically provide an extra 500 hours before an overhaul is required.

The “Sky” group provides multiple upgrade options at our in-house Aircraft Maintenance Company to turn any Citation plane into a luxurious and sophisticated aircraft. This includes upgraded avionics, refreshed interiors, and TBO Extension. We also offer maintenance solutions and insurance services so that buying and owning an aircraft is easy from start to finish.

If you are interested in buying or selling a Citation V, please contact the Sky Aviation Holdings sales team today. We would be happy to help you with your purchase or sale.

For additional information about this sale or any of our other available services and products, please contact us.

1991 Citation V Photos

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