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Sky Aircraft Maintenance, LLC (SAM) is a complete and comprehensive Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) and FAA Certified Part 145 facility located in Lexington, NC at Davidson County Executive Airport. 

At SAM, our skilled technicians offer a full range of services including avionics, maintenance, inspection, engine overhaul, hot section inspection, interior and exterior redesign, and aircraft part sales for Hawker 800/900/400XP, BeechJet 400A, LearJet 60, and Citation V/ Ultra / Encore / Bravo / XL / XLS!   

Our team of highly trained aviation technicians is committed to excellence in every aspect of the industry and is here to provide you with exceptional service which makes us one of the leading companies in the aviation industry. 

With convenient proximity from most airports east of the Mississippi in the USA and southeastern Canada, our forward-thinking and client-focused team is ready to meet your needs today! 

Sky Aircraft Maintenance Lexington NC

Sky Aircraft Maintenance Company Location

Sky Aircraft Maintenance - AMY Working on aircraft nose

You choose Business Aviation for convenience and to save valuable company time. You choose SAM for the same reason. 

The Sky Aircraft Maintenance location at KEXX provides a centralized location to obtain any of our aircraft maintenance or other services in a short flight.  

Davidson County Executive Airport (KEXX) is a central location to popular cities in NC such as Asheville, Greensboro, Highpoint, Raleigh, and Charlotte. 

The location of Sky Aircraft Maintenance is not only convenient on a local level, but also on a nationwide level. 

It’s about an hour’s flight to most states from the mid-west to the eastern seaboard. 

Learn More About Our Aviation Maintenance Services

Visit the Sky Aircraft Maintenance facilities today! Schedule an appointment with a SAMs Team Member at 336-370-5500 or click the button to contact us now!

Sky Aircraft Maintenance - AMY Working on aircraft tail

Aircraft Maintenance & Aviation Maintenance

Aircraft maintenance is one of the most significant activities that aircraft owners must carry out regularly. It consists of a set of necessary actions that include inspections, refurbishment, replacement, and repair of major components.

An aircraft that lacks a maintenance plan will be more vulnerable to mechanical failures and incur costly downtime. That’s why SAM’s aviation experts recommend plans that meet individual aircraft owners/operators needs by allowing them to focus more on the preservation of their planes, by increasing safety and increasing aircraft value.

Our team of aviation experts recommends aircraft owners/operators focus on the frequent preservation of their planes, with individualized plans. In the long term, it is highly cost-effective for operators and owners alike when they maintain their planes regularly!

At SAM, our customers and their aircraft are our top priority. We focus on maintaining good performance, ensuring passenger safety, and extending the life of your aircraft so you don’t have to. 

Sky Aircraft Maintenance Services

Structural Repairs

The reliability of an aircraft depends on the quality of the design, as well as the workmanship used in making structural repairs. Sky Aircraft Maintenance offers advanced methods, techniques, and practices for assessing composite and non-composite structural damage and implementing repairs.


We have extensive experience and the full capabilities to design, conduct analysis, fabricate, install, and test (both ground and flight) standard & non-standard aircraft adaptations for special purposes. Whether tasked with component testing, systems evaluation, and development or producing a special application, Sky Aircraft Maintenance has the ability to get the job done.

Special Evaluations

During an aircraft's service life, rare events and circumstances may arise when something out of the ordinary could perhaps influence the airplane's airworthiness. Sky Aircraft Maintenance is here to provide our customers with the peace of mind that we will assess, repair, and get them back in the air safely and with as little downtime as possible.

Scheduled Evaluations

Our factory-trained and certified A&P mechanics have years of experience performing maintenance and major evaluations on business and corporate aircraft. We are happy to offer Flat Rate pricing for scheduled evaluations which allows you to budget ahead of time.

Engine R&I and Repairs

We specialize in custom engine changes, overhauls, engine repairs, and inspections.

Direct Aircraft Maintenance Operations

Our team is dedicated to providing efficient and exceptional aircraft maintenance service, working closely with our clients from start to finish. Contact Sky Aircraft Maintenance today to learn more about how we can work together!

Let's Talk About Your Aircraft Maintenance

Contact Sky Aircraft Maintenance at 336-370-5500 now to learn more information about how we can improve your flying experience!

Avionics Maintenance

Sky Aircraft Maintenance – SAM is an avionics service center specializing in installing, troubleshooting, and maintenance of all types of aviation electronics. Our technicians install, troubleshoot, overhaul, and repair some of the world’s most sophisticated avionics technologies.   

Whether it’s installing a brand-new system or fixing something that isn’t working properly, we’re committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and top-quality workmanship. Get peace of mind knowing that your plane is in the right hands.  





WAAS GPS Systems

ADS-B systems


Primary Flight Displays

Skywatch/TCAD Traffic Systems

Engine Monitors

Strobe Systems



Collins, Garmin and more

Cabin Entertainment (IFE)

Cabin Management Systems (CMS)

TCAS Installation and Upgrades

Aircraft Interiors

Let Sky Aircraft Maintenance leave you feeling at home in your Private Jet. As aviation enthusiasts, we have an amazing amount of knowledge about each aircraft that can help to fix its interior so you are flying in style.  

From customizing pre-made parts to designing your own color combinations, Sky Aircraft Maintenance has it all. Our goal is to meet your personality, lifestyle, and flight mission. When putting a finishing touch on interior details, we make sure any aircraft flying out of our facility always looks perfect.   

Aircraft Interior Options


Partial, Full, and Custom Refurbishment for the entire interior

Repair, Refinishing, or Replacement of laminate and veneer surfaces

Full-installations to partial-repairs

Custom Plating, Countertops, and Hand-Crafted Seat Designs

Custom lighting from the ceiling to floor

We help you design the life you want at Sky Aircraft Maintenance

Start Your Design Process Today!

Sky Aircraft Maintenance Interior Refurbishment

Contact us for your customized maintenance plan! 

Aircraft Part Sales

Are you looking for parts for your aircraft? We stock and sell thousands of As-Removed/Serviceable Parts from our in-house tear-downs as well as overhauled, surplus, and repaired units.

The Sky Aircraft Maintenance team is knowledgeable about all aspects of aviation and can help you find the part you need whether you are stocking up on spares or getting back in the sky quickly! 

Control Surfaces

Pre-Purchase Aircraft Evaluations

Are you considering purchasing a plane? We at Sky Aircraft Maintenance offer you as a buyer, pre-purchase evaluations per your individual needs so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase.   

The Sky Aircraft Maintenance facility will provide a detailed airworthiness report listing all aircraft discrepancies, components, cosmetic discrepancies, aircraft data, and any other notable items for your Hawker 800/900/400XP, BeechJet 400A, LearJet 60, and Citation V/Ultra/Encore/Bravo/XL/XLS that will remove the stress of wondering if you are making a good aircraft purchase.  


Steve Trent - Sky Aircraft Maintenance

Steve Trent

Director Of Maintenance
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Kris Six - Sky Aircraft Maintenance

Kris Six

Chief Inspector
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Christina Trent - Sky Aircraft Maintenance

Christina Trent

Chief Operations Manager
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Aircraft Maintenance FAQ's

Aircraft maintenance is a service that involves the assessment, repair, and modification of an aircraft to ensure safety and operational efficiency. Aircraft maintenance professionals work in a wide range of settings including airports, hangars, and other facilities dedicated to aviation.

Aircraft maintenance is a very rewarding career. Aircraft maintenance professionals have the opportunity to work on some of the most complex and advanced machines in the world, while also ensuring that they are safe and reliable for their passengers and crew. This requires a high level of skill, knowledge, and attention to detail making this an incredibly rewarding field for anyone with an interest in aviation, avionics, or engineering.

The role of aircraft maintenance is to keep planes and other types of aircraft running smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Aircraft maintenance professionals work on everything from engines, landing gear, flight controls, communication systems, and more. They have a deep understanding of the complex mechanisms that make up an airplane or other types of aircraft, as well as schooling and training in aviation, aircraft engines, and aircraft maintenance.

A MRO, or maintenance, repair, and overhaul company, is a type of aviation company that provides specialized services for aircraft. MRO companies may offer a range of services including repair and replacement parts, modifications to systems and components, assessments of aircraft status and performance, and more. They are an important part of the aviation industry and work closely with aircraft owners and operators to ensure that their planes are always safe, reliable, and operating at peak efficiency. If you are interested in working with planes or other types of aircraft, a career at an MRO company like Sky Aircraft Maintenance may be ideal for you.

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