Are you affected by the Airworthiness Directive 2014-15-15?

The fatigue cracking in the tail section of BeechJet/Hawker 400 series has become a serious enough issue the FAA issued an AD.  In order to comply with the AD, each aircraft will need to be inspected for fatigue cracking in the tail section before the accumulation of 7,400 total flight hours or within 6 months after the effective date of the AD.  

If your BeechJet/Hawker 400 is under the 7,400 total flight hours, don’t put the tail section inspection off for much longer. Textron will no longer be supplying the kit for free and you will have to purchase the kit. The deadline is March 2022.  

Sky Aviation Maintenance is available to perform the necessary inspections and reserve the Textron kit. 

Call us at 843-271-5490 now to speak with one of our technical service specialists who can help you schedule this requirement with minimum downtime.  

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