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The Cost Of Fractional Jet Ownership

We Can Save You Over 50% On Your Private Air Travel

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Cost Of Fractional Ownership Programs

Due to pilot shortages and wage increases our prices have increased as of Jan 1st, however, our fractional aircraft ownership is still the best deal in the industry.

Scroll down to read more about the cost of our fractional programs compared to the rest of the industry.

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Private Air Travel Can Be Affordable

Find out how SkyShareUSA provides Fractional Jet Ownership at a fraction of the cost of other programs, giving you more travel for less money without compromising luxury, convenience, safety, or world-class Concierge Services.

According to recent shared aircraft ownership studies, complaints are becoming more and more common from Jet Card & Jet Charter customers from cleanliness to plane downgrades, to long wait times to even enter the programs. 

With SkyShare USA’s Fractional Jet Ownership Program, you can skip the headaches, and rest assured you will fly in luxury when and where you need it!

Call SkyShareUSA at 888-20-SHARE (888-207-4273), or Direct at 407-923-2336

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Savings With SkyShare USA's Fractional Jet Ownership

Ownership 12.5%
Cost Per 100 Hours
Ownership 12.5%
Cost Per 100 Hours
Ownership 12.5%
Cost Per 100 Hours
Ownership 12.5%
Cost Per 100 Hours
WheelsUp Jet Card
Ownership 12.5%
Cost Per 100 Hours
Ownership 20%
Cost Per 100 Hours
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No Waiting For Your Private Jet!

With the wait on private jet charters months to years out, and jet cards being put on hold, our fractional ownership program has absolutely no wait. Buy today and fly tomorrow with SkyShareUSA’s fractional jet ownership program

We have 100-hour fractional shares or 50-hour shares left for the LearJet and the BeechJet. 

Call us direct at 407-923-2336 now to get the details and get in on one of these incredible deals saving you over 50% from Jetcards and other fractional aircraft ownership programs!

Don’t sacrifice time, money, and luxury with someone else, call 888-20-SHARE (888-207-4273), or Direct at 407-923-2336 to speak to us today and get in the air ASAP!

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The SkyShare USA Fractional Jet Ownership Advantage

Fractional jet ownership can be complicated. We make it simple and affordable, saving you over 50% on the cost of your Private Air Travel.

To learn more about SkyShareUSA’s Fractional Jet Ownership Costs, contact us today for a no-obligation call with one of our experienced Aviation Experts.

We have developed a revolutionary exclusive program that features:

  • The most reliable, efficient, and luxurious aircraft for our fleet.
  • We are able to offset repositioning and empty leg fees.
  • Our fleet’s maintenance is conducted in-house at our FAA-certified Maintenance Facilities.

Discover The SkyShare USA Advantage™ today, The Intelligent Choice in Private Air Travel™.

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The Fractional Ownership Fleet

LearJet 60

LearJet - Fractional Aircraft Ownership


Beechjet - Fractional Aircraft Ownership
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Avoid The Headaches and Fly With SkyShare USA

Air Travel Depression - Sky Aviation Holdings

Call 888-20-SHARE (888-207-4273), or Direct at 407-923-2336 to speak to us today!

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