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Need to find an empty leg flight? Charter a private jet and enjoy a comfortable, private experience. We offer empty leg flights and charters at the best prices.

We dispel the rigid policy empty leg myth and are willing to pick up or take you to any destination within 200 miles of the scheduled departure or arrival destination at no extra charge. Look below for our empty leg flight specials

Book An Empty Leg Flight For Your Next Vacation Or Business Trip

If you’re searching for the best empty leg flights website you have came to the right place. If you’re looking for a way to take your next vacation on a private jet or jet charter, then empty leg flights might be just what you’re looking for. Empty leg flights on private jet charters that are booked when one leg of the trip is empty. It is truly the ultimate experience in private jet travel.

Empty leg flights are essentially when the owner of the private jet has flown to a destination and the plane is returning to its home base with no passengers. The owner has authorized a discounted rate for those willing to book the one-way flight back to or near its destination. With this empty leg flight, you can often get a great deal for flying on a private jet!

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Tips For Booking An Empty Leg Flight

Here are a few tips on how to book a cheap empty-leg flight for your next vacation:

  • Look for an empty leg that originates from or near your home airport. Leaving close to home makes the convenience of the flight even better than going to a major airport to fly commercial and can reduce residual cost like transportation and parking.

  • Choose an empty leg that is flying to popular destinations or routes. The more popular the destination or route, the more likely you are to find a good deal.

  • Be flexible with your travel dates. Empty leg flights are often booked on short notice or even last minute, so be prepared to fly when the opportunity arises.

  • Check back on this page often as it is regularly updated or sign up to receive new empty leg specials on private flights.

Living The Dream On a Private Jet

Everyone dreams of flying private jet flights. Aside from the pleasures of having a plane to yourself, private aviation delivers an unparalleled degree of comfort, privacy, and expedience. With empty leg flights, there are no security lines to wait in, no waiting for your row number to be called, and none of the other headaches associated with commercial air travel.

You’ve probably heard the term empty leg flights if you’ve ever investigated how to book a private jet flight. A wonderful technique to save money on private jet charters is through empty leg flights. When scheduling an empty leg there is always the possibility of cancellation, unfortunately, and there are certain factors involved that you should know about that could influence your own schedule and that of your family, friends, and other passengers you have invited. It is best to ask the company you schedule an empty leg with to ask what would happen in that situation.

So let’s go over some of the most common questions we are asked in regards to empty leg flights.

Commonly Asked Questions About Empty Legs

Empty legs, also known as private jet deadhead flights or empty leg flights, or empty leg charters are what it is called when a private jet is either going to pick up the owners or flying back from taking the owners somewhere and has no passengers on board and the entire jet can be rented privately to offset the cost of the one-way flight or deadhead private flights at a considerable discount to a charter flight on private jets.

Empty leg charter flights are fantastic ways to obtain private travel to a destination at a discounted rate compared to chartering a private jet.

Because there are numerous private charters flown daily, it is a good possibility there are empty leg charter flights available from an airport near you as long as your departure date is flexible at considerable savings from a private jet charter flight.

Empty-leg private flights may be a cost-effective method to travel in comfort, but empty legs do come with defined departure airports, destinations, and timings.


If using a Sky Flight - Sky Aviation Holdings private jet, there are occasions when the flight time and route can be slightly altered to fill the empty leg. If you need to be somewhere at a particular date and time for business travel, then empty legs may not be ideal for your travel needs.


Since empty legs are one-way trips, you will need to ensure you have a reliable means of transportation back. Our crew can assist you in selecting options that are appropriate for you, usually crossing empty legs with other private charters for the return.


If you find a missing leg flight that fits your preferred timetable but not your precise destination, contact a member of the Sky Flight staff to see if the flight can be changed as in some situations, it's possible to redirect the empty legs plan to a nearby destination.

If you see one that is close to your date and destination, give us a call and we would be happy to work out an accommodation for your travel needs with our available empty legs.

If you see an available empty leg charter that suits your needs on the list above, then give us a call to reserve your booking. If you do not see one, you can enter your travel itinerary on the form at the top of the page to receive empty leg notifications of any upcoming empty leg charters that match your travel routes or give us a call at 407-923-2336 and we would be happy to search the Empty Leg Charter MLS to find flights that could work for you.

How empty legs are different from private jet charters

Empty legs usually come with either no catering or a modest basic catering, although this may be varied to include light prepackaged snacks, soft drinks, and minor alcoholic beverages.

empty leg charters

The similarity is like a chartered jet or getting empty seats on chartered flights, you will be able to avoid the complications that come with commercial travel such as having to arrive hours early, waiting in TSA lines, waiting to board, long tarmac waits, and loud or unruly passengers and empty leg prices are at a huge discount compared to the cost of private flight charters so it’s best to educate yourself on empty leg flight expectations.

It truly is an experience to take private jet flights and with the right empty leg, you can save a considerable amount compared to conventional private jet charter flights. With a little bit of research, you can find a great deal on an empty-leg flight and enjoy the luxurious experience of flying on a private jet and private air travel!

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