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Everything You Need To Know About Fractional Jet Ownership

There’s a new option for air travel on the market, and it’s called fractional jet ownership. Fractional ownership is a type of private air travel where you buy a fraction of an aircraft, usually 20% or less. This means that you don’t have to pay for the entire aircraft but you can still enjoy a luxury private jet alone with yourself and your guests. Read on to dive into the advantages, disadvantages, and any other questions you might have.

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    So what exactly is fractional jet ownership?

    Fractional jet ownership is a private aviation concept whereby individuals or businesses own a share of a private jet, as opposed to owning the aircraft outright. Fractional ownership also works by allowing multiple owners to share the cost of ownership of a private aircraft. This type of ownership can provide considerable cost savings and flexibility for those who do not require full-time access to a private jet. Fractional owners typically purchase their share of an aircraft for a fixed hourly rate and fixed number of in-flight hours from a fractional jet operator, which manages the scheduling and utilization of the plane on behalf of all its owners.

    How fractional jet ownership works

    If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a private jet or wanted private aviation travel but thought it was out of your price range, fractional aircraft ownership may be the answer. Fractional jet ownership allows you to share the cost of ownership with other individuals or businesses who have similar travel needs. This type of arrangement can save you money on aircraft maintenance, hangar fees, and pilots’ salaries.

    There are several different types of fractional jet ownership programs available, so it’s important to do your research before choosing one that’s right for you. The most important factors to consider include the size and model of the jet you’re interested in, the number of flight hours you’ll need to use it each year, and the location of the aircraft.

    Once you’ve decided on a fractional program that meets your needs, you’ll be required to make an upfront payment. This payment is typically equal to 10-25% of the cost of purchasing a jet outright. In exchange for this initial investment, you’ll be entitled to a certain number of flight time hours each year depending on your fractional share size.

    When you’re ready to travel, simply call your fractional jet operator and give them your travel dates. They’ll then make all the arrangements for your flight, including booking a crew and aircraft that are available.

    The advantages of fractional jet ownership

    The advantages of fractional jet ownership are many and varied, but the most obvious is that it allows people to own a share in a private jet without the expense of full ownership of an aircraft. A fractional program can be a more cost-effective way of enjoying all the benefits of private jet travel, including access to a larger and more luxurious aircraft than they might otherwise be able to afford. Other advantages include increased flexibility when it comes to scheduling flights compared to aircraft charters or empty-leg flights, as well as the ability to share the costs of ownership with other investors.

    The disadvantages of fractional jet ownership

    There are several disadvantages to fractional jet ownership and the limited availability of aircraft during peak travel days such as around Christmas. Full aircraft ownership is the only way to guarantee availability however most fractional providers will be happy to work with your schedule and attempt to get you where you need to go and when from our fleet of similar aircraft to meet your travel needs.

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    What is the pricing for fractional jet ownership?

    Fractional jet ownership pricing can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the aircraft, the length of the contract, and the number of hours you plan to use it. Prices can range from $375,000 for a light to over $1 million for a larger jet.

    What are the benefits of fractional jet ownership?

    The benefits of fractional jet ownership include access to private jets at a fraction of the cost of owning one, as well as the ability to share the aircraft and associated costs with other owners. This type of ownership can also provide more flexibility and convenience than traditional charter services.

    What are the risks of fractional jet ownership?

    When you own a fraction of a jet, you share the ownership with other people. This can create some risks, for example, you might not have as much control over the jet as you would if you owned your own aircraft outright.

    Is there a right time to buy a fractional jet?

    It depends on the individual buyer’s needs and preferences. Some people may want to buy a fractional jet when they need to travel frequently for business or pleasure, while others may want to wait until they can afford the upfront cost of purchasing a jet outright. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

    The difference in flying commercial compared to flying privately with fraction jet ownership

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    Flying commercially means that you are flying on an airplane with many other people. This can usually be crowded, and there may not be any much privacy.

    Flying privately with fraction jet ownership means that you will have your own private jet to use. This can be more expensive, but it offers more privacy and convenience.

    With fractional ownership, there is no need to wait in security or boarding lines, or long walks through terminals.

    You simply drive to your local small airport, park, and take a short walk to where your private jet is waiting for you.

    How long does it take to get used to fractional jet flying?

    It usually depends on the individual’s flying experience and comfort level with using a fractional jet ownership program.

    However, many people find that it doesn’t take long to get used to flying via fractional jet ownership once they have tried it out a few times.

    Most even like it better as everything is handled for you from travel arrangements, rental cars, and hotel accommodations, down to what food and drinks you would like on your flight.

    Private & Business aircraft fractional ownership - Sky Aviation

    What are the different types of fractional jet aircraft?

    The type of fractional jet aircraft depends on the fractional company and your needs. Fractional providers can have a fleet ranging from smaller aircraft, and light jets to large corporate jets.

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    The pros and cons of using a fractional jet aircraft for business travel

    aircraft fractional ownership Sky Flight Air

    One of the biggest benefits of fractional jet ownership is that it can save businesses money on travel costs. Instead of having to pay large sums frequently for a full charter flight, fractional jet owners only need to purchase a portion of the aircraft and schedule their flight. 

    This can be significant cost savings for companies that travel frequently. Another advantage is that fractional ownership offers more flexibility in comparison to private aircraft charter.

    Fractional jet owners can choose their own schedules and destinations, which makes it easier to plan business trips around other commitments. 

    Finally, co-ownership of an aircraft provides access to a wider variety of aircraft than chartering, which gives businesses more options for finding the right jet for their needs.

    Final thoughts

    Subject to all of the limitations and risks discussed on this page, fractional jet ownership appears to be a promising investment opportunity.

    The key advantages are that it offers investors access to private jets at a fraction of the cost of ownership, and it provides flexibility in terms of flight scheduling and destination. Additionally, fractional jet ownership is a relatively new industry, which means there is potential for substantial growth in the coming years.

    However, there are also some risks associated with fractional jet ownership. First and foremost amongst these is the risk that the demand for private jets could decrease in future years, which would lead to a decline in the value of fractional jet ownership shares however, historically that has not been the case.

    Despite these risks, fractional jet ownership provides investors with an opportunity to gain access to private jets at a fraction of the cost of ownership. For investors willing to accept the risks involved, fractional jet ownership could prove to be a lucrative investment to provide you with luxury private travel for business or personal for years to come.

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