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Numbers Per 100 Hour Share

 NetJets FlexJetPlaneSenseAirShareMagellan Jet CardSkyShareUSASkyShareUSA
Aircraft2019 Phenom 300 Light Jet2014 Phenom 300 Light JetPilatus PC-24 Light Jet2019 Phenom 300 Light Jet100 Hour Light JetBeechJet 400A Light JetLear 60 Mid-sized Jet
Capital Cost 100 Hours$1,206,250$604,735$1,370,000$1,250,000$538,000$375,000$650,000
Fixed Monthly Expense$18,504$13,425$12,769$12,180---$11,204$13,781
Direct Operating Cost$6,712$5,783$5,326$5,740$5,386$2,112$2,590
Ownership Percentage12.5%12.5%12.5%12.5%---20%20%

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