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With straightforward terms, transparent costs, and unrivaled personal attention before, during, and after your purchase with us, we provide the most affordable, cost-effective fractional aircraft ownership program on the market.

Sky Flight utilizes the most efficient luxurious and reliable aircraft for our fleet of jets.

We eliminate repositioning and empty leg fees for travelers that are able to plan travel ahead of time.

We utilize our own certified maintenance facilities and highly trained staff to keep our all services in-house, keeping our operating costs to a minimum.

There is no other jet card or fractional jet share solution that can match it.

Shared Jet Ownership Program Sky Flight Air
Fractional Aircraft Ownership Sky Flight Air


Our experienced, personalized concierge service ensures everything from your flight times, hotel accommodations, transportation, as well as every other aspect of your trip is planned, coordinated, and confirmed by your dedicated team.

24/7 access to your personal concierge, every day of the year, including weekends and holidays, because we’re there when you need us most.

With Sky Flight, you can skip the crowds and terminal lines, take advantage of our world-class personalized customer service, and fly privately on your very own fractionally owned Beechjet 400A or Learjet 60 when and where you need to travel.


Sky Flight was founded on the idea that jet ownership can be simple and affordable.

Each day, we are guided by our core values of affordability, convenience, and safety, while providing best-in-class service and luxury. We understand that savvy travelers are always looking to make the “smart business move” and that’s where we raise the bar.

Our leadership is comprised of a team of a dedicated services team and aircraft experts who collectively have over a hundred years of experience in managing, maintaining, and operating aircraft.

When you choose Sky Flight, you are choosing the intelligent choice in private Air Travel.

Call us now at 407-923-2336 to learn more about Sky Flight Air.



As you can easily see in this chart, Sky Flight is significantly less expensive than our competitors such as PlaneSense, AirShare, NetJets, FlexJet, & WheelsUp Jet Card. With Sky Flight’s fractional jet programs you get a larger aircraft fractional share (20% vs 12.5%) with a comparable or less fixed monthly expense and reduced direct operating cost which makes us the best deal on the market for fractional jet ownership!

Why rent or lease, when you can fractionally own? The best part is at the end of your five years of aircraft fractional ownership, Sky Flight will resell your jet and distribute the proceeds to all owners.

Sky Flight Gives You More Flight Hours For Less Cost

The Sky Flight fractional jet fleet is comprised of the Beechjet 400a for light jets and the Learjet 60 for our mid-sized jets, we do not have any heavy jets at this time. See below how our pricing for a particular aircraft stacks up against major industry competitors.

Light Jets

1st bar = Cost Per 100 hours x 5 years
2nd Bar = Fixed monthly expenses
3rd Bar = Direct operating costs
4th Bar = Ownership percentage

AirShare 2019 Phenom 300 Light Jet
PlaneSense Pilatus PC-24 Light Jet
NetJets 2019 Phenom 300 Light Jet
FlexJet 2014 Phenom 300 Light Jet
Wheels Up Light Jet Card
$732,500 + $29,500 initiation fee
Sky Flight BeechJet 400A Light Jet

Midsized Jets

1st bar = Cost Per 100 hours x 5 years
2nd Bar = Fixed monthly expenses
3rd Bar = Direct operating costs
4th Bar = Ownership percentage

Wheels Up Light/Midsize Jet Card
$841,500 + $29,500 initiation fee
Sky Flight Lear 60 Midsized Jet


The First Cost Basis is signing a purchase agreement for your Fractional Share of a particular type of aircraft. Your share size can be either 50 or 100 allotted hours of flying time annually, which provides you guaranteed access to your own private jet.

Sky Flight acquires underutilized, low-hour aircraft to avoid the overnight depreciation incurred when buying a new one. We then completely refurbish these aircraft with new interiors, avionics, and engine overhauls or replacement. This strategy allows us to offer the lowest-priced Fractional Jet Ownership shares in the industry.

The Second Cost Basis is one low, monthly Fixed Monthly Fee that covers all expenses such as aircraft management, crew, insurance, hangar rental, cleaning, and more. We do all refurbishment and maintenance at our new 60,000 square ft. aircraft maintenance facilities in North Carolina.

By using our facilities and our own Certified Technicians, we save millions of dollars over time, and we pass these savings on to our owners. Consequently, Sky Flight has the lowest Fixed Monthly Fee in the industry.

The Third Cost Basis is your Direct Operating Cost: the cost to fly your aircraft. This is based on an hourly rate and your flight hours are billed monthly. Included is our guarantee to cover 100% of all maintenance. No worries or additional costs. We take care of it all.

You are also able to convert unused hours to rollover hours up to 20% of your yearly allotment.

Empty Legs and Repositioning Costs:

These extensive fees can double your monthly Direct Operating Costs with other companies. With Sky Flight, these fees can be completely ELIMINATED.

Whatever your private aviation needs may be, we have the solution. Contact us today to become a fractional owner and let’s start your journey.

Fractional Jet Shares Sky Flight Air


Call us today at 407-923-2336 and speak with one of our aviation specialists to learn how you can save over 50% compared to private jet charter, jet cards, or other fractional ownership programs and experience the benefits of jet ownership, without the headaches. We have your aircraft ready for you today!

How Fractional Jet Ownership Works

Sky Flight’s Fractional Ownership Program titles a specific aircraft in your name. This feature increases the availability to all owners. Our fleet is maintained to our impeccable standards, guaranteeing fractional owners’ satisfaction when flying on any of Sky Flight’s aircraft.

An initial, one-time purchase of a buyer’s share allows for access to a minimum of 50 or 100 annual flight hours for a duration of five years. At the end of your five-year program, we will evaluate the aircraft’s condition and Sky Flight will resell your aircraft and distribute the proceeds to all owners. Depending on their needs, fractional jet owners may choose to reinvest in another term or upgrade at any time.

Sky Flight’s program is simple, efficient, and transparent. After your aircraft share purchase, there are two bills: one monthly fee for fixed monthly expenses, and second for the number of hours you fly. This covers all expenses including insurance, crews’ salaries, aircraft maintenance, engine reserves, storage, cleaning, and more.

Leave all the hassles and worries to us. With one call or online booking, our full-service concierge team takes care of the rest. Flights, catering, rental cars, hotels and even suggestions on restaurants and things to do at your final destination are just some of our services.

You enjoy all the benefits of your private jet, while we handle the rest!

What A Typical Sky Flight Trip Is Like

The magic begins the moment you step onboard our aircraft. Every detail is managed, from gourmet food and beverages of your choice to premium amenity options. For corporate or pleasure, our flight operations team will make sure your private aircraft is ready. Whether you’re reaching the world’s financial centers or remote mountain towns, we’ll fly you there in luxury, precisely as you scheduled.

What Else Sky Flight Does For You

Step off a Sky Flight jet and into a private limousine, town car, or a prearranged rental car. Upon your return, access to your personally owned vehicle will be waiting for you. Our services team coordinates precise timing and routes, ensuring that every flight is hassle-free, even during peak travel days. Sky Flight regional representatives are “on-call” no matter what the hour, to ensure smooth transfers and answer any questions you may have along the way. Think of them as your personal concierge.

How Sky Flight Saves You Time

Accomplish more during your corporate or personal travel with our onboard Wi-Fi system for talk and text. The versatility of the Hawker Beechjet 400A and the Learjet 60 makes it possible to access more airports than most other programs, saving fuel, valuable drive time, and getting our aircraft owners closer to customers, important meetings, and family. Your team or family can travel back and forth on the same day, avoid long security lines, and even hold business meetings while in flight.

What Maintenance Is Like For The Sky Flight Fleet

All Sky Flight jets are flown in accordance with FAA standards and meet or exceed 100% of these mandatory, closely monitored, and strictly enforced aircraft regulations. Our planes are always maintained according to the Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedules as well. You never need to worry about the many factors including hidden surprises that may arise with aircraft full ownership. You are fully covered with our 100% guaranteed airframe and engine protection plans at a fixed hourly rate.

Are Sky Flight Pilots Experienced?

As some of the most rigorously flight-trained and experienced pilots in the industry, the pilots of Sky Flight’s fleet exceed the highest levels of professionalism, proficiency, and flying expertise required by the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 135. Every pilot is type-rated in their assigned aircraft. Every six months, our pilots are trained by highly qualified and experienced instructors, using advanced-technology flight simulators and integrated training systems to help ensure their proficiency and safety. We leverage decades of instructional knowledge, as well as manufacturing expertise, for an unmatched training environment.

How A Fractional Jet Agreement Works

You’ll need to sign and agree with a few documents as you enter into a fractional jet agreement.

Binder or Deposit Agreement

A provider’s document that requires a buyer to place a deposit before they can claim the buyer’s portion is known as a binder agreement or deposit agreement. A binder agreement specifies the particular aircraft that the buyer is purchasing a share in, and it protects the owner’s pricing plan from changing.

Master Dry Lease Exchange Agreement

The relationship between the aircraft’s fractional owners is governed by a master dry lease exchange agreement. Every owner is usually required to sign off on other owners using their aircraft under this agreement. In most cases, if required, owners will also have access to use the provider’s aircraft in lieu of their own, if they sign this contract.

Management Agreement

The buyer agrees that the provider will be their aircraft’s manager and fractional program administrator, according to this agreement. The amount of time the owner can fly, as well as their flying costs, and when they can fly are all covered by the agreement. How unused hours are handled, the owner’s right to interchange, where owners may fly, and peak travel days when the owner will have greater limitations are all examples of provisions found in these agreements. Additionally, it will explain how far in advance you must reserve the plane and how the supplier determines flying time.

Purchase Agreement

The jet management company and the other fractional owners with whom you will share ownership of the aircraft have a primary agreement called the purchase agreement. The provider’s warranties and representations regarding the aircraft’s condition and title are covered by this agreement. This will also detail how you and the other owners will divide ownership.

People Also Ask (PAA)

Whether or not you should buy a share with a fractional ownership provider or go with whole aircraft ownership depends on the amount of time and money that a person plans on flying. The industry generally believes fractional jet ownership is cost-efficient as long as your usage is at least 50 hours a year. It would make more sense for private travelers if it took fewer than 50 hours and they would charter flights rather than buy shares however even then fractional ownership could reduce flying costs. Naturally, when utilizing jets for more than 50 hours a year, SkyShare USA is an excellent solution.

Your shared monthly fixed costs cover all the expenses to fly and operate your jet. This includes, but is not limited to aircraft monthly management fee, pilot salaries, crew, aircraft insurance, hangar, cabin support, administrative fees, and crew training.

This is calculated as an hourly rate to cover two items: the fixed cost of maintenance also known as a monthly maintenance fee, and the fuel needed for the aircraft type.

Repositioning fees of flight hours (the cost of returning a specific plane to its home base – also known as Empty Leg Flights) can be a costly factor.

However, SkyShareUSA has a program to offset repositioning charges for owners. With sufficient notice before the flight time of your trip, SkyShareUSA can eliminate these charges to fractional owners with no management fee or other costs involved.

Consequently, our Direct Operating Charges are the lowest you will find.

Yes! We Do Not Compromise on Safety. Safety and security are essential traveling companions. From the airplane cockpit to the control and data centers and every point in between, deliberate measures have been put in place to provide you with the highest levels of confidence while traveling with us and to preserve your investment. From Covid-19 protocols to meticulous service, you can have peace of mind knowing we adhere to the strictest standards in our fleet to ensure your safety when you join one of our fractional aircraft programs.

Tax Benefits are available from fractional jet ownership as depreciation deductions. Deprecated items of equipment or a charitable donation may qualify for a tax write-off. In some cases, the tax exemptions are customized to suit your interest and your tax situation. Contact SkyShare USA or your accountant to discuss tax deductions from our program.


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