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Discover the benefits of fractional ownership jets with SkyShareUSA’s fleet of Beechcraft 400A’s and Learjet 60’s and see how we can give you more travel for less money.

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    Discover the benefits of fractional ownership jets with SkyShareUSA’s fleet of light jets and mid-sized jets consisting of the Beechcraft 400A and Learjet 60. Enjoy unparalleled flexibility and convenience, top-notch safety and maintenance, and more flight hours for less cost than other fractional programs, jetcards, and chartering. Learn more about SkyShareUSA’s proven track record of satisfied customers and find out why fractional aircraft ownership is the perfect solution in private jet travel for busy executives and frequent travelers.

    As a frequent flyer, you might have always dreamt of owning your own private jet. However, the high costs associated with purchasing, operating, and maintaining a whole aircraft could be a daunting prospect for many. That’s where shared ownership becomes an attractive solution for those seeking a more affordable and flexible way to access private aviation.

    SkyShareUSA offers a fractional ownership jets program that provides access to a fleet of Beechcraft 400A and Learjet 60 private aircraft. Let’s dive into what makes fractional ownership jets with SkyShareUSA a compelling and unique experience.

    Fractional Ownership Jets: A Cost-Effective Alternative to Full Aircraft Ownership

    Fractional jet ownership is a form of shared ownership where multiple individuals or companies jointly own an aircraft. Instead of buying a whole aircraft, fractional jet ownership allows you to purchase fractional shares in the aircraft, typically ranging from 1/16th share to 1/2 of the total ownership of the aircraft or a number of hours of flight time that you can fly per year. This means you only pay a fraction of the purchase price and share the operating and maintenance costs with the other owners while still enjoying all of the benefits of jet ownership and access to private luxury travel. SkyShareUSA offers a larger 1/5th or 20% fractional jet share for less usage cost than other providers’ 12.5% or 1/5th buyer’s share, giving you more flying time for less flying costs.

    Fractional ownership jets have several advantages over traditional jet ownership. Firstly, it is significantly cheaper as you don’t have to bear the full upfront cost of buying and maintaining a private plane. Secondly, it allows you to access a variety of aircraft types and models, which gives you more options for your travel needs. Finally, it offers flexibility and convenience when it comes to scheduling your flights, which can be particularly beneficial for busy executives or frequent travelers, you simply call your SkyShareUSA liaison and tell them when and where you need to go and they handle everything for you from rental cars to catering.

    The SkyShareUSA Fleet: Beechcraft 400A and Learjet 60

    Beechjet 400a

    SkyShareUSA offers fractional jet ownership jets of two aircraft models: the Beechcraft 400A and the Learjet 60.

    The Beechjet 400A is a popular light jet that can seat up to seven passengers making it perfect for families and business teams to travel. It has a range of up to 1,500 nautical miles and an average cruising speed of around 450 knots. The aircraft also features a fully enclosed lavatory and a galley, allowing for in-flight meals and refreshments. For business travel, the Beechcraft 400A is an efficient way to travel between meetings and events. The aircraft’s speed and agility allow for quick and easy travel, while its luxurious interior provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere for conducting business. The Beechcraft 400A is known for its reliability, efficiency, and low operating costs, making it a favorite among fractional ownership jets customers.

    The Learjet 60 is a midsize jet that can seat up to eight passengers comfortably. It has a range of up to 2,700 nautical miles and a cruising speed of just over 450 knots. For business travel, the Learjet 60 is an excellent option for executives who need to travel quickly and efficiently between meetings and events. The aircraft’s speed and range allow for non-stop travel to many destinations, and its luxurious interior provides a comfortable and professional atmosphere for conducting business. The aircraft comes equipped with the latest communication and entertainment technology, ensuring that passengers can stay connected and productive while in the air. The Learjet 60 is renowned for its speed, comfort, and advanced avionics, which make it a top choice for business travel and longer trips.

    Advantages of the Learjet 60 for Fractional Ownership Jets

    Learjet 60 - Sky Share USA

    The Learjet 60 is an excellent choice for those seeking a more luxurious and advanced private jet experience. One of the unique features of the Learjet 60 is its ability to operate out of smaller airports with shorter runways. This allows for greater flexibility and access to more destinations, including those that may not be accessible with larger aircraft. Additionally, the Learjet 60’s spacious cabin and comfortable seating make it a popular choice amongst mid-sized jets for longer trips or business travel.

    Advantages of the Beechcraft 400A for Fractional Ownership Jets

    One of the main advantages of the Beechcraft 400A for fractional ownership jets is its cost-effectiveness. The Beechcraft 400A is known for its low operating costs, which means that it can be an even more affordable option for those seeking private jet access. Additionally, the Beechcraft 400A’s compact size makes it ideal for accessing smaller airports that may be closer to your final destination, allowing for faster air travel times and increased convenience.

    Fractional Jet Ownership Programs Offered by SkyShareUSA

    Fractional Ownership of aircraft for Families

    SkyShareUSA offers a range of fractional jet ownership programs for both the Beechcraft 400A and Learjet 60. The ownership options range from 1/5th to 2/5th of the aircraft’s total ownership depending if your flying requirements are in need of a 50-hour or 100-hour block of flight hours. This means that you can choose the amount of ownership that best fits your travel needs and budget.

    One of the unique features of SkyShareUSA’s fractional jet ownership program besides price is its flexibility. You can schedule your flights as you need them, without any advance planning. SkyShareUSA also offers 24/7 availability and guarantees that you won’t face any repositioning fees if the travel is booked with two weeks’ notice. 

    This level of convenience and flexibility makes SkyShareUSA’s fractional aircraft ownership program an attractive option for busy executives or frequent travelers.

    Testimonials and Case Studies

    SkyShareUSA has a proven track record of satisfied customers. Many of its owners have shared their positive experiences with the program. For example, one fractional owner remarked on the program’s flexibility, stating that “the ability to fly on a whim and not have to worry about scheduling or planning is invaluable to me.” Another fractional owner commented on the quality of SkyShareUSA’s aircraft and service, stating that “the aircraft is always clean and well-maintained, and the pilots are top-notch.”

    SkyShareUSA has also provided fractional ownership jets services to a range of industries and organizations, including real estate firms, business owners, resort owners, medical companies, doctors, and lawyers. In one case study, a real estate firm utilized SkyShareUSA’s fractional ownership jets program to access the Beechcraft 400A for property tours and site visits. The firm noted that SkyShareUSA provided a more luxurious and efficient way for client travel than traditional commercial or private jet charter options.

    Fractional Ownership Jets For Businesses

    Safety and Maintenance Considerations

    Sky Aircraft Maintenance

    When it comes to private aviation, safety, and maintenance are critical considerations. SkyShareUSA places a high priority on safety, with a team of experienced pilots and a rigorous safety management system. SkyShareUSA’s pilots undergo regular training and have access to the latest technology and equipment to ensure the safest and most efficient flights.

    SkyShareUSA has a dedicated maintenance team at the Sky Aircraft Maintenance facility in Lexington, NC that are certified in the type of aircraft, and perform regular inspections and preventative maintenance on its aircraft, ensuring that they are always in top condition.

    Comparing Fractional Jet Ownership to Traditional Aircraft Ownership

    Fractional ownership jets offers several advantages over full ownership. With fractional jet ownership, you only pay for the blocks of flight hours that you need. Also, it provides you with access to a wider range of affordable aircraft types and models, which can be tailored to your specific travel needs, and it also puts jets like the Beechjet and Learjet in your price range. Additionally, fractional jet ownership offers flexibility and convenience when it comes to scheduling, which can be especially important for busy executives or frequent travelers.

    In contrast, owning your own aircraft can be costly and time-consuming. Owning a whole aircraft means bearing the full cost of purchasing and maintaining the aircraft pilots, and crew, which can be a significant financial burden. Additionally, owning your own aircraft limits you to one specific aircraft model, which may not always meet your specific travel needs. And finally, owning your own jet can require extensive planning and scheduling, which can be a hassle for busy executives or frequent travelers.

    Comparing Fractional Jet Ownership to Jetcards and Charter

    Fractional ownership jets with SkyShareUSA offers several advantages over other private aviation options such as aircraft charters and jet cards. Here are just a few of them:

    1. Return on your investment: When chartering or purchasing jet cards, you are essentially leasing flights at an hourly rate. With fractional ownership jets, you are investing in an asset and at the end of the contract, the aircraft’s condition is assessed and the jet is fixed up, sold at fair market value, and the proceeds are distributed back to the owners to reinvest or whatever you prefer.
    2. Predictable costs: With fractional jet ownership, the costs of owning and maintaining the aircraft are shared among the fractional owners as a monthly fee not including fuel surcharges. This means that you have a predictable, fixed cost for your fractional share size, rather than variable costs associated with chartering or jet cards.
    3. Access to a range of aircraft types and models: Fractional jet ownership provides access to a range of aircraft types and models, which can be tailored to your specific travel needs. This is in contrast to jet cards, which often limit you to a single aircraft type or model.
    4. Availability: You typically have guaranteed availability of your chosen aircraft within a specified notice period, usually two weeks although if your travel date is taken by another owner during peak travel days, SkyShareUSA will do its best to get you there in another particular aircraft from our fleet of similar aircraft. This is not always the case with chartering or jet cards, which can be subject to availability issues and last-minute cancellations.
    5. Ownership benefits: You get the benefits of aircraft ownership jets, such as tax advantages such as depreciation deductions, without the full financial and administrative burden of owning an entire aircraft.

    Discover The SkyShareUSA Advantage

    See how the SkyShareUSA fractional ownership program compares to others in the industry such as Wheelsup, NetJets, and Flexjet here.

    People Also Ask

    In fractional jet ownership, a purchase agreement is a legal document that establishes the terms and conditions of an individual or company's investment in a shared private jet. This agreement outlines the details of the ownership, including the size and type of share being purchased, the cost of the share, and the number of hours of usage that the share provides.


    Also, the purchase agreement covers issues such as maintenance, insurance, scheduling, and resale of the share. By signing the agreement, the buyer agrees to adhere to the terms of the ownership and fulfill their responsibilities as a co-owner of the aircraft.

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