Fractional Ownership Program For Private Travel

Fly your way, on your schedule, and go where you want, when you want, with SkyShareUSA’s Fractional Program.

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    What Is Shared Aircraft Ownership?

    A fractional aircraft ownership program is basically a more involved form of co-ownership of professionally managed aircraft used for private jet travel.

    Unlike other fractional jet ownership programs where the shareowner has access to multiple aircraft or a fleet, at SkyShareUSA members invest in fractional shares in their own aircraft, which is also a block of flight hours for one plane, and are actual partial owners of that plane.

    Essentially it is a private flight solution with multiple owners, that can cover all of your travel needs.

    The Advantages Of Membership

    The advantage to this is you are an actual partial owner of that single aircraft. After the hours are used, the jet is sold at fair market value, and you receive a share of that sale to roll into another fractional program or fractional share, move up to full ownership by buying a jet outright, or anything else you would prefer, it is your money.

    Saving Money and Time

    SkyShareUSA has the best cost-to-flight hours ratio in the industry. Even better, you get to avoid the long lines at commercial airports and skip right to the traveling. Flying in our fleet of light to mid-sized jets, we can get you into just about any airport east of the Mississippi.

    Customized Plans

    SkyShareUSA offers two packages for fractional jet ownership, based on the number of hours needed, that come in blocks of 50 guaranteed access flight hours and 100 guaranteed access flight hours. SkyShareUSA offers fixed price 50-hour and 100-hour share options for fractional shareowners.

    This allows our clients to easily determine their break-even point which allows fractional owners to experience all that private aviation from SkyShareUSA has to offer, at an optimal value.

    We provide the best cost fractional ownership for business or private use and flight hours per dollar cost in the industry.

    Management Fee

    Your maintenance management fee is covered with our 100% guaranteed airframe and engine protection plans. This package allows you to enjoy the access of owning a jet without having to worry about the rest of the cost, headaches, and other many factors that come with whole ownership like hiring experienced pilots, pilot salaries, aircraft maintenance costs, monthly management, crew scheduling, number of flight hours until engine overhauls are needed, etc.

    Simply relax and enjoy your on-demand travel, and we’ll handle the rest.

    Safety & Maintenance

    Every single jet in our fleet is meticulously cleaned and has extensive maintenance operations performed regularly for your safety at our in-house FAA-certified private aircraft maintenance facility

    Where You Can Fly With Our Fractional Programs

    SkyShareUSA makes it easy to take off and fly in a private jet to just about anywhere! Whether it’s business or personal, our fractional jet ownership programs can get you where you want to go when you want to go.

    With SkyShareUSA, you can access just about any airport across the eastern United States and Canada. We operate in all sorts of weather and make certain that your private jet flight schedule is safe, pleasant, and efficient.

    Get More Flying Time For Less Expense

    SkyShareUSA’s shared ownership is the way to fly for more, at less cost without sacrificing luxury. You can easily attend business meetings or take the family on a vacation with our fractional aircraft ownership programs.

    Fly Your Way With A Sound Plan

    A fractional ownership share in SkyShareUSA gives you the opportunity to go where you want when you want.

    You’re a member of an exclusive club of private aviation owners who depart on their own terms and travel to places they desire, on their schedule.

    Discover the Sky Share USA Difference

    SkyShareUSA’s fractional jet ownership gives you all of the benefits and comforts of private aviation in a specific aircraft without having to worry about the costs and headaches that can come with whole aircraft ownership.

    Our jets, maintenance, pilots, owner services, and operations are all employees and nothing is outsourced.

    No Schedule Limitations

    Rather than limiting you to a certain timeframe, we give you an open calendar and you let us know when you want to fly.

    This ensures that you are supplied with flights at the right moment, when and where you need them, highly educated and trained pilots, safe and dependable aircraft, flexibility, and exceptionally dedicated client service, all at a reasonable cost.

    What Happens If Another Fractional Owner Is Using My Jet When I need It?

    We have a fleet of light jets and midsize jets for travel in our Fractional Fleet, as well as jets in our Jet Sales Inventory available, should your jet be unavailable.

    Private Jets and On-Demand Travel

    Tell us about your unique private travel requirements to ensure that we can provide you with the most appropriate travel arrangements. We can take you and your guests where you want to go, without the hassles and wasted time and costs of commercial air travel. Want to take the family to Saint Pierre Island? No problem! Call us and tell us when and we’ll handle it all for you.

    Aircraft Business Travel Without The Wait

    In business time is money. We understand this and offer you a solution that will take you where you want to go – when you want to go, as soon as possible.

    Our clients know that their time is important, and we take this into consideration with every trip we do. We also realize that business people rarely have five hours of uninterrupted time available for a business meeting or conference.

    Save Hours With A Fractional Share Program

    With fractional jet ownership, you are free to travel on exactly your schedule. Now you can enjoy the luxury of flying whenever it’s most convenient for you, not on a commercial airline’s schedule.

    Call your private 24/7 concierge who will handle everything for you, including limo service or a rental to and from your meeting.

    Private Services

    We are more than just a management company and fractional provider. Each SkyShareUSA fractional owner receives a personalized concierge service that provides assistance with private aviation travel plans. Other benefits of a fractional jet share include:

    • Scheduling of personal or business flights. We will work with your schedule to meet your needs.
    • Connecting travel for owners and their guests.
    • A personalized attendant who will assist in all aspects of the flight, from travel to and from the airports, handling phone calls, catering, running errands, or anything else you might want.

    The Sky share Advantage Program

    Whether you wish to own a fractional jet ownership share or whole aircraft ownership, SkyShareUSA can provide you with the facts on how fractional aircraft ownership is an excellent way to fly.

    Blocks Of 50 or 100 Hours Of Flight Time

    Our packages include 50-hour or 100-hour investment blocks that will save you more than anyone in the industry without sacrificing luxury or safety. The best part is after the owners have used their blocks of hours, the plane is fixed up and sold at a fair market value, and the proceeds are split amongst the owners to roll in to a new program, buy a new jet, or to do whatever they wish. We challenge you to name a better investment in private air travel.

    Fractional Jet Ownership For A Fraction Of The Cost

    Contact us below to learn how we can save you over 50% on your private air travel compared to jet cards and charter programs.

    No Waiting To Enter Our Program

    Unlike other jet card and fractional programs, we have blocks ready now! Buy today and fly tomorrow!

    Let Sky Aviation Holdings and SkyShareUSA get you and your next plane together today!

    Contact Us And Start Saving Today!

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