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Aviation Insurance

Sky Aviation Insurance Services is exclusively dedicated to providing insurance solutions to the aviation community and its industry partners.

With decades of experience in the aviation industry, Sky Aviation Insurance Services has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right coverage for your needs.

By representing only the highest rated insurance companies, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible coverage and terms for your business needs.

Whether you need insurance for your aircraft fleet, workers’ compensation, hangar insurance, FBO, or maintenance facility, Sky Aviation Insurance Services can guide you through the process and find the right policy for your needs.

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Sky Aviation Insurance Services knows that when it comes to insurance, one size does not fit all. When we work with you, we consider all aspects of your aviation risks.


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Business Aviation Coverage

We work with all aspects of business aviation insurance products including corporate aircraft, aircraft hull & liability, FBO – fixed based operation, workers comp, non-owners, MRO – repair & maintenance, charter – FAR part 135, corporate aircraft, flight schools, wholesale parts, avionics, aircraft painting & detailing, aircraft sales, aircraft management companies, general liability, commercial auto, pollution equipment, and property insurance.

Business Aviation Coverage
Aviation Business Insurance - Sky Aviation

Corporate & Commercial Coverage

We understand the exposures faced by operators and can provide coverage for jets, turbo props, piston, single engine, single pilot operations, worldwide territory, crew coverage, workers comp, Mexican policy, and Hangar Keepers liability.

Private Aircraft Coverage

When it comes to private aircraft insurance, we specialize in twin turbofan and light to mid-sized jets. Depending on the aircraft being purchased and the pilot’s qualifications, there could be a wide range of available liability limits and significant training requirements. If you are looking for aircraft insurance, aircraft hull insurance, wholesale aviation insurance, or any other type of aircraft insurance, click here to learn more.

LearJet 60 - Sky Flight Air

Aviation Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Aviation insurance is a necessity for those who own, maintain, or use an aircraft. It covers the claims and losses that arise from the maintenance, ownership, or use of aircraft. This coverage extends to hangers and airports and can include damage to aircraft, personal injury, and any property damage that has resulted regarding covered losses.

At this time, it is not mandated by the FAA, however, there are many states that do require aircraft financial responsibility.  In general aviation, insurance is required. You need to show proof of that insurance when you go on a flight. Having proof of insurance is not enough, you also need a high enough amount to cover the flight but also you need to have enough coverage to protect the equipment. For instance, aircraft operating under a 135 Certificate must carry $100,000.000 in Liability coverage… Even if you are not legally required to have liability insurance, you may want to consider getting it. done to their property, you could be legally liable. But if you have liability coverage on your insurance plan, the company will also pay for your legal defense if someone sues you for these losses.

Aviation liability insurance protects you from claims and losses. You can also get additional things like hangars and airports covered by the insurance.

Rates can vary and depend on how the aircraft is used, how much the aircraft is worth and the total amount of liability you want to have.

The cost of aircraft insurance depends on the type of aircraft and how you intend to use it. Personal or business, charter, etc.

The types of aviation insurance include Hull and Liability, Hangarkeepers, Non owned Aircraft, Property and Inland Marine.

Things not included under aviation insurance include:
Wear and Tear: The effects of time on an aircraft.
Electrical breakdown: When the electrical components in an aircraft stop working.
Breach of warranty: If the person owning the policy breaks a promise they made to the insurer, it can cancel out their policy.

Hull refers to the physical airplane itself. Liability is what you owe if you damage someone's property or injure someone on the plane.

Hull Insurance is the insurance amount you have for the physical aircraft. It 's usually an policy amount which is set at the point of the aircraft's purchase.  

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