As the fleet of TBO aircraft has expanded we have learned some information we want to share with you.

  • Some Operators have been using the Memory Stick option to download data. In operation, we have found not all memory sticks are equal and some can cause data errors and that option does not provide a good solution for clearing old data.
  • We are asking all operators to stop using this option and are providing the information for the use of a laptop for this option.
  • Next, we did not provide good instructions on how to set up your own laptop to load Base Station software or how to get the information downloaded.
  • The attached presentation and Executable software load file should help the process. (IONodedaseStation2.2.13.exe) 

  • Some operators contacted Latitude for assistance in get Base Station loaded, however may not have been identified as TBO operators.  So, you were given your own password. This created an issue where your data does not show in the TBO database, and we do not get notified of exceedance issues.  This review is part of the STC ICA requirements.
    • If you already have Base station installed, please do the following:
      • Go to Settings (     ) located at the upper right corner
      • Under General -> WebService Credentials
      • Username: maxbase
      • Password:  m@xb@$3
      • Click Test and should see this message “SUCCESS” then click Apply
  • All operators need to in the next 30 days make sure they have Base station installed on a laptop with correct sign-in loaded.
  • Access your aircraft and download from aircraft and upload to Latitude base station terminal the data from your aircraft.
  • Next, send an email to  identifying your aircraft and confirming you have uploaded your data.
  • We will confirm back after reviewing your system data file, that the upload was completed successfully.
  • Fill in engine time information and return this email with.
  • We notice that some operators are running the ITT or N1 to the “Maximum” allow.  Although this is allowed by the aircraft Operations Manuals.  We want to make you aware that this practice drives the cost of hot sections and overhauls up substantially.

Should you have questions, please call me.

Jim Clifford
TBO Extension, LLC
V.P. of Technical Development
Pompano Beach Airport
751 NE 10th Street
Pompano Beach
Florida 33060
(c) 419-392-6524

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