Choose among the best private jets for sale today. Sky Aviation has a variety of Jet Aircraft for sale, including private jets and business jets.

Quality Private Jet SALES FOR Businesses Or Personal Use

If you’re looking for luxury corporate or private jets for sale, look no further than Sky Aviation Holdings. We provide the best private jet sales for personal or business use in the industry! We are the global leader in LearJet, Hawker, and BeechJet acquisitions. 

Many times our private and business jets for sale do not even make it to the market before being sold. We acquire inventory and distribute the aircraft for sale to our list before making it public!

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1997 Beechjet 400A (RK-162)

Beechjet 400A

Citation Ultra

Citation V

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If you are just researching or are interested in buying private jets for sale, please reach out to us as we would be happy to assist and discuss any questions you might have.


Whether you’re an executive who wants to purchase a private jet aircraft for your firm’s fleet, an aircraft sales business, or a pilot employed by a charter company searching for luxury jets for sale, or simply in the market for private family vacations, we understand the difficulties of finding companies that you can trust. 

The experts at Sky Aviation Holdings can assist and find exactly what you need to become an aircraft owner at the price you want. If whole aircraft ownership seems too daunting, check out our hands-free fractional aircraft ownership programs. With SkyShareUSA you can get fractional aircraft ownership at over a 50% savings compared to jet charter and jet cards. Follow these links to see our fractional jet fleet or to see the cost comparison of fractional jet ownership

Air Travel Depression - Sky Aviation Holdings

Executives understand that when it comes to increasing productivity, waiting for commercial airlines can be a limitation. A privately-owned jet can allow you to fly in peace and also continue working and keeping in touch with people who are important to your business, no matter where your destination is that you need to fly to; without the headache of waiting for a commercial flight.

Whether you’re a Doctor, CEO, or the owner of an aircraft parts business for sale, you’ll have more flexibility and speed in your flight choices with a private jet now that you’re not limited by the pre-determined schedules of major airlines putting yourself back in charge of your schedule.

Shared Cost Jet Aircraft

We also offer fractional jet ownership and a price that will fit your budget. Our fractional jet aircraft ownership fleet is comprised of state-of-the-art jets that are perfect for your everyday needs as well as luxurious interiors for those big occasions such as private vacations or business meetings.

Get in our fractional ownership for sale immediately as there is no waiting like other current Jet Card programs.


Did you know flying on your own personally owned jet is the ultimate executive travel experience? Wherever your executive comfort demands, from exterior to interior styles, Sky Aviation Holdings can make it happen at a great price. Search our inventory of private jets for sale.

With an array of services ranging from luxury jets for sale at a great price and aircraft maintenance, to aircraft life extension, Sky Aviation Holdings has the most efficient in-house capabilities in the aircraft industry to ensure your next business trip or vacation is memorable and flawless.

Whether you own a flight school, or a private jet charter operator, or traveling for business or for leisure with your family, Sky Aviation Holdings has the reach to ensure your private jet is one of luxury and efficiency. With insider access to private jets for sale, we can coordinate a private aircraft for sale best suited for your needs, with the prices you are looking for.

Aviation Insurance

Sales - Maintenance - Aircraft Life Extension

Sky Aviation Holdings not only offers private jets for sale but also has an in-house aircraft service and maintenance facility that will ensure your private aircraft is always up to date at a price outside vendors can’t match. We also assist with interior redesign, hot section inspections, and engine overhauls and specialize in Cessna, Hawker, Beechjet, and Learjet service and repair.

We offer aircraft maintenance services that are also available to jet owners who are looking to save on costs and travel with peace of mind that you will arrive safely. Follow this link for more information about how our TBO Extension can extend the life of your engines as well as add value to your aircraft.


Sky Aviation is always buying private jets for sale and is in the market to buy private aircraft and company-owned aircraft, especially Hawker, Beechjet, and Learjets. During our high-level pre-buy inspection, we take into consideration everything such as a new interior, new windshield, and even one-owner planes. If you are interested in selling your personal jet please follow this link to get a no-obligation quote today or if you want to sell your jet, give us a call today at 888.207.4273 for more information.

#1 in Learjet and Beechcraft Acquisitions in the world

Learjet 60 Profile - Sky Aviation Holdings

Sky Aviation Holdings is known for buying jets and being #1 in Learjets, Hawker, and Beechcraft jet acquisitions in the world. No one buys or sells more than we do. Follow this link for more information and to have a look at our previously sold jets.

View our previously sold jets here.

New private jets for sale can be in a price range between $1 million and $100 million. It should be noted the price is based upon many variables such as the size, the model type and manufacturer range of customizations, the number of seats and passengers it can carry, performance, the last date of exterior paint, what avionics are equipped, and what other luxury items have been installed on the plane.

There are 22,930 private jets in operation worldwide (JETNET, November 2021). The United States owns about 62 percent of the world's private planes.

Private jet owners have the freedom in flying and travel that most can only dream of. A private jet can be a good investment if you are looking for a more efficient and luxurious way to travel that can get you to most smaller airports that are closer to your destination, saving you time and money over commercial flying. However, the price of owning, service, and maintaining a private jet can be quite high, so it is important to do your research before making any major financial commitments.

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