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LearJet 60XR Sold

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Sky Aviation Holdings, a leader in jet acquisition and trades, recently sold a Lear 60XR and delivered her to her new home in Texas. 

The aircraft was Under contract within 53 days of being on the market resulting in a quick turnaround, compared to the 104-day average for 60XRs. 

In addition to the quick turnaround, this was the third 60XR sold in 2022 according to JetNets sales report as of February 18, 2022.

Learjet 60XR Interior

About The LearJet 60XR

Lear 60XRs are commonly referred to as an environmentally friendly aircraft. In terms of rate of climb, elevation, and speed, it outperforms competitors in the same category without the expense of fuel efficiency. Between travel time and fuel efficiency, this aircraft meets all the requirements for business travel. When it comes to business, time is money.

Meticulous Inspection Process

Sky Aircraft Holdings Founder Tom Conlan, coordinated the transaction. The Lear 60XR was delivered with a fresh Engine Low Utilization Inspection (LUI), a fresh pre-purchase inspection inclusive of fresh “A” & “B” inspections, and new interior carpeting.

What does it mean to have a Low Utilization Inspection? LUI’s are dependent on the type of engine and do not apply to all engines. LUI requirements are found in the OEM’s Engine Maintenance Manual. In this case, a low utilization engine is defined as an engine that has not been subject to disassembly and inspection of both hot section and cold section at an approved overhaul facility by the end of the service intervals. The LUI inspection program timeframe depends on the manufacturer. Each engine manufacturer outlines their engine inspection requirements in their manual.  An example of an engine inspection might include visual inspection for corrosion of structural cases and ducts, an inspection of the electrical connectors, oil quality checks, and a borescope inspection of the compressor, diffuser, combustor, and turbine. If the inspection is satisfactory, the continued operation of the engine can continue for a certain period of months before repeating the inspection.

The Pre-Buy Inspection was completed by Standard Aero. The purpose of the pre-buy inspection is to confirm the integrity of the aircraft and its documentation. Buyer’s hire qualified Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) facilities to thoroughly inspect the aircraft and provide an unbiased report of aircraft airworthiness.  An aircraft pre-buy inspection typically includes documentation review, airframe inspection, avionics inspection, interior and equipment inspections, and an engine inspection. 

The pre-purchase inspection was inclusive of both A and B inspections. Just like an LUI, A & B inspections are carried through based on the engine manufacturer’s requirements written in the OEM’s engine manual. The inspections include a variety of checklists. For example, the MRO may perform an interior and aircraft-hull inspection for signs of damage, deformation, corrosion, and missing components. It may include inspecting emergency lights, lubricating the nose gear retract actuator, and checking parking brake accumulator pressure. The checklists are outlined in the engine manual for the MROs to follow closely to ensure everything is done precisely.

Why Sky Aviation Holdings Is #1 In LearJet & BeechJet Acquisitions And Sales

At Sky Aviation Holdings, our experience goes beyond negotiating a deal. You’re not another transaction, you are our client. Ensuring you have all the tools and resources to make an informed decision is our duty. From searching for the perfect aircraft to closing the deal we are here for you every step of the way. After the purchase, we can assist you through our partners by offering maintenance, insurance, and management, so you don’t have to search for another solution. We are the solution.

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