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Old Planes Turned into Homes and Hotels

In a world where finding a unique and personal living space can be challenging, some people have found the answer to their housing search in the most unexpected of places – old retired planes! Imagine living in a unique abode that once soared in the skies. Instead of becoming scrap, these retired aircraft are being transformed into homes and hotels that offer an unparalleled living experience.

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    What Causes a Plane to be Abandoned?

    An old plane or jet may end up abandoned due to a variety of reasons, including high maintenance and operating costs, obsolescence caused by advancements in technology and safety regulations, corrosion, hull damage, and simply the age of the aircraft. In some instances, these retired planes may be deemed too costly to fly again without significant repairs or investments, and as a result, insurance and legal issues can arise, leading to the aircraft being left behind.

    Where Do These Abandoned Jets End Up?

    Old and abandoned jets can often be found at underutilized airports or airfields, but increasingly, these former vehicles of the skies once used by major airliners are being converted into creative living spaces. Some pilots may even acquire the retired planes to use them as storage facilities for spare parts or even scrapped for recycling, but more and more, these aeronautical relics are being transformed into homes and hotels that offer unique and one-of-a-kind experiences.

    What Is Life Like in an Old Jet Plane Now Used as a Home?

    Costa Verde Accommodations Cockpit Cottage

    Photo courtesy of

    Living in a requisitioned or abandoned plane converted to a home is a unique lifestyle choice that offers plenty of space, safety, and a touch of aviation history.

    These converted homes often feature modern amenities such as wifi and climate control, as well as spacious bedrooms and open-concept living rooms.

    The metal bodies of these former passenger jets also provide excellent protection against extreme weather conditions while still allowing for stunning views through large windows along the fuselage walls.

    Why Staying In An Requisitioned Plane As A Hotel Could Be A Unique Experience

    For those seeking a unique holiday experience, staying in a formerly abandoned plane turned into a hotel can be an unforgettable experience. The feeling of being inside what was once a flying machine adds to the excitement, making it a truly unique vacation option.

    Staying in an abandoned plane may seem unusual, but these converted planes offer plenty of space, modern amenities, and unique views through large windows along the fuselage walls. 

    For those looking for a unique vacation experience, staying in a converted airplane hotel is a thrilling opportunity.

    Photo courtesy of Vliegtuigsuite Teuge

    Retired Jets That Are Now Homes

    The Airplane Home - Portland, Oregon

    Photo courtesy of

    Located in the lush Oregon forest, the “Airplane Home” is a Boeing 727-200 that was converted into a livable space by Bruce Campbell. It has been featured in magazines and on television programs due to its unique design and luxurious interior.

    This converted jetliner was bought in 1999 for a mere $100,000 and contains over 1,000 square ft of living space. The Plane Home has living space and sleeping areas with a futon sofa, a shower area, two lavatories, a microwave, and a fridge in the kitchen area, and he has even turned the cockpit into his personal office space.

    You can watch a great interview with Bruce on CNBC by following this link.

    Project Freedom - Brookshire, Texas

    Owned by Captain Joe Axline, Project Freedom is a unique home located in Texas that has been converted from a retired MD-80 jet as well as a Spirit Airlines DC-9-41 that is being developed as an entertainment center.

    This home is perfect for aviation enthusiasts who want to bring their love for flying into their daily lives. The home features a spacious living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, office space, and a lounge. Under the cockpit are a wine room, library, and game room for the kids. The home also has a suspended rear deck for covered parking and on the second level is an oversized chessboard. Spirit has a movie theater, music room, kitchen, and restroom, as well as an area for arts and crafts.

    Project Freedom is truly a one-of-a-kind home that combines functionality and the thrill of aviation and if you would like to visit, you can book a personal tour of Project Freedom here.

    Photo courtesy of Project Freedom

    The Airplane Home - Portland, Oregon

    Photo courtesy of

    After being damaged in an ice storm, Joanne turned an old Boeing 727 aircraft into a stunning home with two bedrooms, a lounge, a full hot tub, a full kitchen, and a comfortable living space. It also boasts amazing views of the surrounding California countryside with the cockpit suspended over the lakeside.

    Retired Jets That Are Now Hotels

    Boeing 727 Fuselage Home - Costa Rica

    This is perhaps the most famous example of an airplane home.

    This refurbished Boeing 727 is perched on a 50-foot pedestal that comes complete with a terrace containing comfortable rocking chairs that offer both scenic ocean and jungle views.

    It also features two air-conditioned teak-lined rooms for rent, each with private baths, flat-screen TVs, and kitchenettes with microwaves.

    Truly a unique experience, you can book a room on this Beoing 727 here.


    Photo courtesy of

    Vliegtuigsuite Teuge Ilyushin Il-18 Airliner - Teuge, Netherlands

    Photo courtesy of Vliegtuigsuite Teuge

    This 40-meter-long incredible abode is actually an Ilyushin Il-18 airliner that has been converted into a luxury suite that can accommodate up to four people. The Vliegtuigsuite Teuge features two separate bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, and even its own sauna and jacuzzi.

    The cost of staying in this one-of-a-kind space isn’t cheap though, as rooms start at around $400 per night however you do get the privacy of renting the entire plane. But if you’re looking for an unforgettable experience with all the amenities of a 5-star hotel, then the Vliegtuigsuite Teuge is definitely worth checking out.

    To learn more about this incredible suite, or to book your stay, head over to their website here.

    The JumboStay Beoing 747-212B - Stockholm, Sweeden

    The JumboStay is located at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport and features 33 total rooms and 76 total beds, making this the mecca of all unique hotel stays. With plenty of different options from bunk bed dorm-style rooms, to standard rooms, rooms inside the engine compartments, to suites that include the famous cockpit suite, there is surely a room to make your aviation dreams come true.

    The JumboStay also features a café where you can sit and enjoy breakfast, coffee, cookies, ice cream, sandwiches, and warm meals. Afterward, you can also walk along the left-wing observation deck and experience the feeling of standing on top of a real Jumbo Jet’s wing. If you’re ever in the area, this is truly a unique experience worth trying.

    Book your room at the JumboStay here.

    Photo courtesy of Vliegtuigsuite Teuge

    Final Thoughts on Old Jets That Are Now Homes And Hotels

    For any aviation enthusiast looking for a bit more adventure within their everyday lives, staying on top of a vintage plane could add something truly special! With all its perks and eccentricities combined together with practical features needed for modern comforts; these converted flying machines make really attractive dwellings whether you’re planning your next vacation spot off the beaten path or looking for something more permanent on terra firma.

    Old airplanes have been given a new lease on life as homes and hotels, providing their residents and guests with a unique and thrilling experience. So next time you’re looking for a place to stay, consider booking a room in an abandoned plane turned into a hotel for a one-of-a-kind vacation!

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