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Aviation Coverage Insurance Types

There are several kinds of aviation insurance coverage that cover different aspects of the private jet aircraft and aside from the aircraft itself, any damage it might cause to property, the crew of the aircraft, or any of the private jet passengers would be covered by your policy.

If you have a Private Jet or other Aircraft make sure you have the following aviation insurance policies:

In-flight aircraft coverage

In-flight insurance is a type of coverage for aircraft from insurance carriers that helps cover any damage to the plane resulting from accidents any or events when the plane is moving, which includes taxiing, takeoffs, landings, or in flight.

Aviation Passenger Liability Insurance

This personal liability insurance helps cover any injuries or harm which can occur to passengers of a flight. No matter what happens, your personal liability insurance can cover you despite the unfortunate event.

Aviation Insurance Covering Public Liability

Public Liability insurance is an insurance type for owners of aircraft that is usually required by law to operate. This insurance will cover the effects of external property damage or injury, but not those of the passengers.

Single Limit Combined

The combined single limit insurance covers you for both public liability and passenger liability, which is known as the “double indemnity” policy.

An Insurance Provider Who Looks Out For You

Enjoy a stress-free flight with our Aviation Insurance. Work with our aviation insurance company professionals to find the right aircraft insurance coverage for you.

Contact our aviation insurance professionals today to get a free quote on aviation coverage options and move your life towards a more sustainable life with healthy flights with our insurance coverage looking out for you as aircraft owners.

What Coverage Can Non-owned Aircraft Insurance Provide?

The following information will explain how our aircraft renters insurance works to safeguard you with the areas of non-owned aircraft insurance when it comes to the areas of aviation insurance coverage:

Liability For Bodily Injury

The policy offers protection for the passengers in case of an accident because it protects them from injuries that may be caused by others during an air disaster. This sort of aviation insurance would cover any harm done to bystanders as a result of the incident and is subject to the terms of the policy, and it can also indemnify those on board. It also aids in defending you against claims of negligence, which would lead to the case being settled in your favor.

Reputation Damage Insurance

If your business is damaged because of an unfortunate accident that caused harm to people or property during a flight, damage to your reputation will be covered by this policy. Accidents are inevitable when it comes to flying, but this type of aviation insurance coverage prevents the harm that such accidents can cause to your reputation as a company.

Accident Forgiveness

Here, protection provided by this policy is not limited only to those on board and will also cover any accident or incident involving another aircraft or machine. This aviation insurance is ideal for pilots who participate in flight training, flight instruction, or even aerobatic flights.

Aircraft Hull Liability Coverage

Insurance For Charters And Rental Agencies

This coverage will protect the interests of any business owner who rents out aircraft to others, regardless of whether it’s privately owned or commercially rented. The policy covers the costs involved in repairing damages that may be incurred by parties renting out vehicles, which includes materials and labor expenses.

Accident Forgiveness Aircraft Renters Insurance

When you’re an aircraft renter, there’s a need to protect the interests of both yourself and your client by ensuring that both parties are fully protected in case of an accident or incident involving an aircraft rented out for flying purposes. Such aviation insurance coverage will help reduce and prevent the legal responsibilities that come with renting out the aircraft and aid in protecting you from accidents. Get the best rate on aircraft insurance costs today!

Families & Friends Aircraft Insurance

This aviation insurance provides protection for any person who has possession of your insured aircraft in order to allow them to conduct flight training, flight instruction, and aerobatic flights without having to worry in case they get involved in an accident.

Liability For Property Damage

Liability coverage, Personal Accident Protection (PIP), provides bodily injury and property damage protection. It protects you against financial ruin due to bodily injury or property damage. It is not intended to cover the loss of your aircraft itself.

Hull Coverage Liability

The Hull coverage liability is also called the air damage liability coverage. Such insurance covers the damage to the aircraft itself, unlike property damage coverage where the aircraft is not covered.

Types of Hull coverage liability

The hull coverage liability is then further divided into three coverages:

Ground and Flight Coverage

Such coverage covers any danger from aviation accidents that the aircraft can be or might be exposed to.

Not in Flight coverage

Such coverage covers the damage when the aircraft is on the ground, that is whether in motion or when parked.

Not in motion coverage

Such coverage covers any damage to the aircraft when the aircraft is on the ground and not moving.

Private Jet aviation Insurance

If you own a private jet then you should get your aircraft insured with our Private jet insurance policy.

A private jet insurance policy is an annual aircraft insurance policy that is specifically designed to offer physical damage coverage, aircraft hull insurance, liability, medical and provides legal defense to those who hold the private jet insurance policy.

Our insurance company has the best record of resolving your insurance requirements and getting you on board with our tailor-made insurance policies so that you get the aircraft insurance that you deserve.

Private jet insurance can vary depending on a multitude of factors but also includes hull coverage or physical damage coverage which works as a shield against damages to the aircraft itself.

Private Aviation Insurance

Private aviation insurance

No matter what the size of your aircraft is or the level of experience, we’ve got you covered for insurance. We insure all types of private aircraft from two-seaters to large jets. We also have a wide range of availability in liability limits.

For nearly 25 years, we have helped our clients acquire a variety of insurance policies. We have diligently sought to provide a consistent, dependable, and predictable service for our customers. What can we do for you?

Types Of Coverage For Private Jet Insurance

  • Aircraft Owners
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Flight Coverage Options
  • Flying Club
  • Renting Aircraft
  • Industrial Aid
  • General Aviation
  • Single Engine Aircraft
  • Twin Engine Aircraft
  • Light & Personal Aircraft
  • Fixed base operators
  • Turbo Jet
  • Antique Planes
  • Vintage Aircraft
  • Sea Planes
  • Sport Planes
  • Private Jets
  • Fractional Owned Jet Aircraft
  • Chartered Aircraft
  • Other Non-Owned or Rented Aircraft
  • Student Pilot
  • Flight Coverage
  • Recreational Pilots
  • Misc Aviation Industry Experts
  • Commercial Use
  • Business Use
  • Personal Use
  • General Use
  • Legal Fees Protection
  • Additional Coverage
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That’s why it’s our mission to help you obtain the exact policy you need for aviation insurance and aircraft use, whether for personal, business, or commercial use that leaves you with peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong while you’re traveling by air, you are covered.

We build trust by ensuring that all of our policies are backed by an outstanding carrier that covers all types of aviation transportation. We also provide free quotes for airplane insurance cost or aircraft insurance costs, with no obligation to buy, take a look today!

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