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Private Jet Fractional Ownership Questions

SkyShareUSA answers some of your most commonly asked questions about Private Jet Fractional Ownership.

Fractional aircraft ownership or private jet fractional ownership is a type of private aviation aircraft ownership where multiple individuals share the cost and use of a private aircraft. This type of ownership can be an attractive option for those who fly privately on a regular basis, usually over 50 hours a year of actual flight time, but do not want or need to own an entire aircraft and prefer private jet travel and can be an excellent private aviation solution compared jet cards and charter. Fractional jet ownership is the best way for jet ownership without the additional costs.

Aircraft shares work by allowing multiple individuals to share the cost and use of a private jet. This type of ownership can be an attractive option for those who fly frequently but do not want to deal with the issues that come along with whole aircraft ownership such as paying crew and pilot salaries, paying for maintenance, and other headaches that come along with jet ownership. SkyShareUSA sells fractional shares that come in blocks of a number of flight hours equaling 50 hours or 100 hours.

Sharing ownership of a jet offers many benefits, including access to a private jet at a fraction of the cost of owning one outright, flexibility in terms of flight times and destinations, and the ability to share the plane's cost with others resulting in significant savings over full ownership. If you require flying for a number of hours above 50 per year but do not want the headaches that come with whole aircraft ownership, then one of our fractional ownership programs may be a great choice for you. A fractional share could also save you a good amount if you frequently fly using charter or currently use a jet card. We only use certified aircraft and experienced pilots in our fleet.

Shared jets or fractional jet ownership can have some disadvantages, such as the need to coordinate travel plans with other owners, and the possibility that the aircraft may not be available when you want to use it. However, SkyShareUSA and Sky Aviation Holdings eliminates those issues and will handle all of your scheduling needs and we rarely run into issues with flight schedules.

Fractional jets may be right for you if you fly privately often and would like to have access to a private aircraft at a fraction of the cost of owning one outright. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of this type of program before making a decision including how many flight hours per year you require.

When choosing a fractional jet ownership provider, there are a few things to consider, such as the size and age of the fleet, the experience of the staff, and the reputation of the company. It is also important to compare prices and services to find the best deal. A couple of the major advantages of fractional ownership with SkyShareUSA is that we begin with the lowest hourly rate shared aircraft cost in the industry for our fractional programs for the flight hours your receive and unlike jet cards, after your term is complete, we sell the plane, and distribute the proceeds back to the fractional owners which varies depending on the fractional share owned. This gives you a return on your investment and keeps our entire fractional jet fleet young.

To get started with a fractional jet share, you will need to contact us at SkyShareUSA and inquire about our services. We will be happy to answer any questions or concerns and get you flying as quickly as possible with a private aviation solution in SkyShareUSA's private aviation ownership program.

Yes, there are many tax benefits to fractional jet ownership similar to full aircraft ownership. Please contact SkyShareUSA, or your accountant or financial advisor for more information.

The cost of fractional jet ownership varies depending on the size of the aircraft, the aircraft type, the number of hours you need to fly, and other factors. SkyShareUSA has multiple aircraft and a variety of options to choose from, without all of the extra fees.

To see more information about shared ownership and see how we have the lowest costs in the industry, feel free to see our detailed graph comparison showing all hourly rate costs involved as we are confident we are the best choice for shared private flying in the industry in comparison to other companies. We can provide a cost-effective solution by utilizing our North Carolina based in-house aircraft maintenance facility and also offer low-cost insurance solutions as well as aviation insurance.

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