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Sky Aviation Holdings Completes Sale of BeechJet 400A RK-218

Sky Aviation continues to be the #1 broker of BeechJet 400A’s in the world. 

Sky Aviation Holdings (SAH) has completed the sale of BeechJet 400A RK-218. The aircraft was purchased by operator MTJ Aviation, a certified Part 135 private charter aviation company. 

With the current state of the market, it did not take long for our network of owners and operators to use the opportunity to purchase this competitively priced aircraft. The BeechJet 400A continues to rank high in its class. With superior performance and a spacious interior, the BeechJet 400A is a solid, comfortable and economic light jet option. 

Through SAH’s affiliate TBO Extension, this plane received the TBO Extension STC. This STC extends the engine-life to 2,000 hours. To put into perspective, the average business jet flies about 400 hours per year, according to statistics compiled by the National Business Aviation Association.  

Sky Aviation Holdings continues to be the leader in support and sales of BeechJet 400As/Hawker 400XPs. The company provides a one-stop solution for owners and operators offering aircraft sales, fractional ownership, insurance, aircraft maintenance, interior and exterior completions, avionics upgrades, TBO Extension, and more! 

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