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Sky Aviation Holdings Completes Sale of BeechJet 400A RK-319

Sky Aviation Holdings continues to be the #1 Buyer and Seller of BeechJet’s in the world

Sky Aviation Holdings

Sky Aviation Holdings, a family of aviation companies, has completed the sale of RK-319, a 2001 BeechJet 400A. This will be the 3rd transaction with this client. The plane was on the market for less than 10 days. 

RK-319 has been solely US owned. Upgrades include new carpeting, headliner, window line, lower-side panels, and drink rails. The interior wood finishes are a cherry finish, perfectly accenting the custom dark greige with hints of beige carpeting. The light leather seats and headliner soften the space giving the interior a sophisticated, warm welcome. 

In addition to the upgrades, RK-319 recently received TBO Extension STC. TBO Extension, an affiliate of Sky Aviation Holdings, is an FAA certified, 2000-hour turbine engine life-extension for BeechJet 400A / Hawker 400XP, Citation V and Citation Ultra jets.  

“I am pleased with my recent move from a Lear60 to this BeechJet. It was an obvious choice to work with Sky Aviation Holdings (SAH). They have a competitive advantage in this market, knowing what the “fair price” is, passing the savings to me. In addition, SAH helps me beyond the deal with their affiliate companies, such as TBO Extension and SAM. It’s truly an all-one-solution for light sized jets,” said the New Owner. “It’s always a pleasure working with repeat clients. We work hard to exceed their expectations every time,” commented Tom Conlan, CEO of Sky Aviation Holdings. 

The BeechJet 400A is a versatile aircraft for single passengers or families. That, combined with the lower operating costs and superior performance in its class, makes it a popular jet for operators around the world. 

With over a billion dollars in closed transactions and more than 40 BeechJet’s sold, Sky Aviation Holdings is the industry expert in BeechJet 400A’s and Hawker 400XP’s. Within the past 10 years, the company has grown into a family of companies supplying an all-in-one solution for light to mid-size jet operators. In addition to aircraft acquisitions, SAH offers aircraft insurance, fractional jet ownership, charter, aircraft management, TBO Extension, aircraft part sales, aircraft teardown, avionics upgrades, interior and exterior refits, and aircraft maintenance. 

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