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How Sky Aviation Holdings Uses Google Trends To Our Advantage In The Private Aircraft Sales Industry

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    Google trends is a powerful keyword research tool that can be used to determine web search volume in a variety of industries. In this blog post, we will specifically discuss how we use this free tool called google trends and find trending searches to predict when and where to direct marketing for private aircraft sales and how we use it to create content for other areas of our business.

    Understanding which locations have the highest key phrase popularity for “jets for sale” for example, or related keywords determines when and how we tailor our content SEO strategy and marketing campaigns specifically for those areas, which helps increase our chances of generating leads and sales!

    The History Of Google

    I remember as a child asking my parents a question and always getting the typical “I don’t know” answer, now as a father my answer to my kids is “Google it”! With google now being a household name like Q-Tip or Kleenex, it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time when we didn’t have the internet and Google. But not so long ago there was a time when the mighty web search engine was nothing more than an idea of two young college students.

    Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were students at Stanford University. The pair originally came up with the idea for a search engine that would rank results based on the number of links to a given site, an algorithm that is still used by Google today. They initially called their new search engine “Backrub” before settling on the name “Google”, a play on the mathematical term “googol,” which refers to the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes.

    In August of 1998, Google set up shop in a garage in Menlo Park, California. The following year, they received their first round of funding from famed venture capitalist John Doerr. With Doerr’s backing, Google was able to rapidly expand its operations, opening offices in New York City and Mountain View, California. In 2001, they introduced AdWords, an advertising program that allowed businesses to place ads on Google’s search results page. AdWords proved to be hugely successful, and it remains one of Google’s primary sources of revenue to this day.

    The History Of Google Trends

    Google Trends was launched on May 11th, 2006 as a way to help people understand how often particular terms were being searched for on the internet. The data that google trends provides is anonymous, and google states that they take measures to protect the privacy of their users.

    Google Trends collects data from millions of search queries and uses it to identify patterns and trends called trending searches. You can use Google Trends to see how often particular terms are being searched for, and you can even compare different terms side-by-side.

    Google trends can also be used in researching the search volume of different sources of data such as:

    • Web Search
    • Google Image Search
    • Google News Search
    • Google Shopping Search
    • YouTube Search

    How To Use Google Trends

    Google trends can be a super helpful research tool used in more than a few ways such as research articles, trending topics, content marketing, creating content, finding the right product categories, seasonal trends, search patterns, or even related topics or related queries to help you find the right keyword for content marketing.

    Using Google trends is easy, just head over to the Google Trends website and type in what you want to find in the search bar, and hit enter.

    Google Trends Data Can Even Predict Presidential Elections

    Until this last election, Google trends data has accurately predicted the winner of each Presidential election. Let’s have a look at some search volume data leading up to the elections.

    Bush Vs Kerry 2004 Via Google Trends

    bush vs kerry via google trends

    Obama Vs McCain 2008 via Google Trends

    Obama Vs McCain 2008 via Google Trends

    Obama Vs Romney 2012 Via Google Trends

    Obama Vs Romney Via Google Trends

    Trump Vs Clinton 2016 Via Google Trends

    Trump Vs Clinton Via Google Trends

    Biden Vs Trump 2020 Via Google Trends

    Biden Vs Trump Via Google Trends

    How Sky Aviation Holdings Uses Google Trends

    Here at Sky Aviation, we use google trends in a multitude of different ways in our business, most especially for predicting when and where to purchase private jets for sale and also to sell them.

    We also use google trends data to help us predict seasonal trends and location trends as well as related queries and related keywords to direct marketing for our family of companies which includes private aircraft sales, aircraft avionics, aircraft maintenance, aircraft TBO extension, and private aircraft insurance.

    Using Google Trends To Find Where Search Queries Are The Highest For Search Terms

    Google Trends is a great way to measure when and where people are searching for terms such as jets for sale, fractional aircraft ownership, aircraft maintenance facilities, or whatever term is relevant to your industry. You can use google trends to measure the popularity of search terms over time and also compare different terms side-by-side. Instead of showing you search volume numbers, google trends shows you the popularity of the search terms from a 0 to 100 scale, with 100 being the peak of the search terms’ popularity.

    To find out this information, simply go to google trends and enter the term “jets for sale” in the search bar, and hit enter.

    You will then be able to see a graph that shows you how often the term “jets for sale” has been searched for over time and you can change that date range to look for trends in the months that the search term could be stronger than others. You can also enter another term to compare those results side-by-side.

    Narrowing Down The Results To Determine Local Trends

    As you can see from the graph below, there is a clear spike in the number of searches for “jets for sale” around the end of October 2021, the end of December through January 2022, and more recently the end of July 2022. This is likely due to the fact that many people are searching for jets to purchase during these months in preparation for certain events such as the beginning of the budget year or the summer travel season.

    Also, you can view which states a majority of the searches are coming from. For example in the graph below, the state of New Jersey is currently seeing the highest percentage of searches for “jets for sale” over the last 12 months followed by Florida, New York, Michigan, and Indiana. If you begin to narrow these down, you can even begin to compile state-by-state trends and target your audiences by a more detailed geographic location.

    Does that mean New Jersey has the most keyword volume searches for this term? Not really, as Google explains in their FAQ here, “Each data point is divided by the total searches of the geography and time range it represents to compare relative popularity. Otherwise, places with the most search volume would always be ranked highest”, it is important to keep that fact in mind when localizing your marketing strategy.

    Jets For Sale Google Trends Graph

    Narrowing Down Google Trends Even Further By Search Time For Best Results

    Time frame search trends data can be extremely useful when planning your SEO strategy or Adwords campaigns as you can direct your advertising to states that have a higher demand for jets. You can also use this data to predict when people will be searching for jets if you were to run a sale or special promotion during those times you might have a better chance at success.

    Also, if you are working with a limited budget, finding patterns in the time frame people are searching for your particular keyword might be more useful in using your budget when your chances are best. In the graph below we can see that on this particular one-day range in New York, there are multiple spikes in searches for jets for sale between the hours of 11 pm and 4 am and another mini-surge in searches after lunchtime.

    Jets For Sale NY by Time

    Google Trends With Search Operators

    You can also use google trends in conjunction with google search operators to combine or remove certain results from your google tends search to help you with combining search terms and adding common misspellings for example:

    Using The Combine Operater Via Google Trends Website

    For example, if you wanted to target people who were searching for jets for sale and private flights over the last 90 days, you could add the following search operator to your google trends query “jets for sale + learjet” and achieve the following results:

    Google trends + operator for jets for sale + learjet

    Using The Subtract Operater Via Google Trends Website

    Or for example, if you wanted to search for aircraft for sale without the use of planes you could type “aircraft for sale – planes” in your Google trends query:

    Google trends - operator for jets for sale - planes

    Google Trends Comparative Tool To Find The Popularity Of Similarly Searched Keywords

    You can also use google trends to help build category topic clusters and compare different search terms side-by-side. For example, you could compare the terms “jets for sale”, “private jets for sale”, and even “personal jets for sale” to see when each one is being searched for comparatively.

    This tells you that if you are indeed on a limited budget when going after each search term has a higher possibility of yielding results, which combined with a keyword research tool also known as a gap tool can also be helpful in your organic SEO efforts.

    Please see the category example below.

    keyword comparison from google trends

    Google Trends Can Help You Find And Predict Customer Demand

    Google Trends can help you find where products are in demand and when. If you set your history back say 5 years, or even do a custom range of a couple of years, you may be able to spot a pattern of increased popularity over time in a search term. Determining when people are searching for a product can help you time your marketing campaigns to be more effective.

    If you know that a search term is going to increase in popularity, you could do a paid ad campaign targeting that keyword leading up to the time period when searches will rise. This would give your brand more exposure when potential customers are actively searching by narrowing down the locations and times when people are searching for a product which can help you time your marketing campaigns to be more effective.

    In the graphs below, you can see that over the past few years the popularity of the search term private flights has increased over the long term. By studying it closely we also found that interest in private flights waned at some point in March to rise in mid to late April as well as decreased in August before turning back north sharply in late October, allowing us to more precisely time out when we wanted to focus our marketing efforts in regards to the private flights search term.

    private flights google trends

    March 2020 via Google Trends

    march 2020 private flights on google trends

    March 2021 via Google Trends

    march 2021 private flights on google trends

    March 2022 via Google Trends

    march 2022 private flights on google trends

    What Else Can Be Done With Google Trends?

    There are lots of other things that can be done with google trends, but these are just a few examples of how you can use google trends to your advantage in any industry or for fun. This post is not meant to be taken as financial advice.

    Aircraft sales can be a complicated industry and google trends is just one example that can be used to give you a head start in making headway in your efforts. Please do your own due diligence before making any aircraft sales decisions and if we can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

    Disclaimer In Using Google Trends

    As we have previously mentioned, using Google Trends is not a foolproof way of predicting the future of search terms or Google Shopping trends, but a better way of seeing past trends and viewing the present trends of searches, and then making your own determinations from the data provided.

    Not even the giant that is google can poll all search terms and it uses samples to create the results you are shown. It can be a great tool in keyword research for popularity searches and related keywords but always do your due diligence with multiple comparative analyses of other SEO keyword research tools to determine your best marketing strategy.

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