Improve the safety and reliability of your aircraft with powerful and modern avionic solutions.

Avionics designed for pilots by pilots

SkyVue Avionics is your source for STC’d engineering data packages for quick and efficient panel upgrades and modifications. 


SkyVue Avionics is your one-stop shop for comprehensive installation, retrofit, modification, and repair services for a variety of jet aircraft. Our family of companies specializes in Citation Jets, Beechjets, Hawkers, and Learjets. Working in synchrony to provide all-around service to owners, operators, and pilots alike.

As Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) holders, we know these installations better than anyone else. We have gone through the rigorous process to receive FAA approval to modify the aircraft from its original design. By doing so, our clients do not have to go through the troubles of obtaining new validation with their upgrades.


SkyVue’s in-house engineers offer various value-added services to our customers, such as STC development for new equipment installations and finding ways to interface new technology with existing equipment.

Our engineers have worked in aviation for an average of 45 years. Bringing experience and expertise to the forefront of our product.

They deliver improved safety, optimized performance, and modern upgrades that require less downtime so you can keep flying.

This documentation is important for both the safety of your aircraft and for ensuring compliance with FAA regulations. We fully document your aircraft for permanent record-keeping and FAA traceability.

SkyVue 1000

Upgrade Primus 1000 equipped jets with DU-875 LCD display and replace existing Com/Nav/FMS units with the Dual AeroNav 900 GPS/FMS/WAAS/LPV units

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