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TBO Extension becomes members of Citation Jet Pilots Association

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TBO Extension becomes members of Citation Jet Pilots Association  

TBO Aircraft Life Extension is excited to announce our membership with the CJP Association. The CJP brings jet owners, operators and companies together to provide support and education to its members. The group is made up of 1300 members, 800 aircraft and a safety and Education foundation. What started as a group that “promote and represent the interests of Members who are owners and pilots of all series of Citation jet powered aircraft” has evolved into a highly respected community of aircraft operators, owners and companies. 

We all share a common appreciation and want to share our insights with others, which is one of the reasons we joined the CJP Association. This group brings together some of the top minds in our industry to share their insights to help each other and the industry evolve.   

TBO Extension is an FAA-certified, 2000-hour turbine engine life-extension for Citation 550, S550, V, and Citation Ultra aircraft, which leads us to our biggest reason for joining. We want to be part of a highly respected association in which our operations primary focus is on. We want to hear the input of our fellow Citation Jet Pilot members so that we can grow and become better for our community. We are excited to participate in the many events and promote CJP’s mission.  

Contact us to learn more about TBO Extension or CJP Association! 

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