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Announces MOU with Honeywell Avionics for Primus 1000 upgrade with DU-875 Displays and AeroNav 910 GPS - FMS - NAV - COM

TBO announces the launch of Phase 1 of a development program to STC updated legacy light jets equipped with Primus 1000 avionics.  In Phase 1 Primus 1000 DU-870 tubes and existing Com/Nav units will be replaced with  DU-875 Displays and Dual AeroNav 910 GPS/FMS/NAV/COM units in the Bravo, Ultra, Encore and Excel. The upgraded display fixes the display obsolescence issues and AeroNav 910’s provides the latest touchscreen WAAS/SBAS/GPS/VHF navigation and communication with 3D SVS technology, dual FMS, charts and maps, and certified two-way blue tooth with carry-on tablet devices.  STC is planned for completion by year-end, with customer installed 1st quarter 2022.

TBO Extensions is an affiliate company with the Sky Aviation Holdings group of companies (skyaviationholdings.com). TBO provides engines interval extensions for Citation 550,560 and Hawker 400A/XP aircraft. Develops PMA part solutions.   Jim Clifford VP of Product Development said, “ We provide engine solutions by extending the Overhaul interval, costing  60% less than overhauls. We are now providing an economic solution to avionic needs”  For more information, visit www.tboextension.com

About Honeywell 

Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found on virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft. The Aerospace business unit builds aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components, and more. Its hardware and software solutions create more fuel-efficient aircraft, more direct and on-time flights, and safer skies and airports. For more information, visit www.honeywell.com or follow us at @Honeywell_Aero.

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