Extend TBO by up to 6,000 hours from the last overhaul or new build

FAA-certified, EASA, and Transport Canada Certified, 2000-hour turbine engine life extension for Beechjet 400A, Hawker 400XP, Citation 550, Citation V, and Citation Ultra aircraft.

Extend The Life Of Your Aircraft With TBO Extension

The largest impact on an airplane’s value is its remaining engine life, or TBO (time before overhaul), and the largest single maintenance expense in jet ownership is engine overhaul.

Until now, the expense related to engine overhaul meant that many jets were parked or parted out. The cost of a traditional engine overhaul often matches or exceeds the value of the jet itself, making the process cost-inefficient.

However, our 2000-hour TBO Extension successfully extends engine life and enhances resale value at a fraction of the cost.

Read our blog on the Benefits of a Turbine Engine TBO Extension Versus a Traditional Engine Overhaul.

Quick TBO Extension Facts

What's Included

Hot Section Inspection and all normal associated hardware & consumables are included.


Our FAA STC extension program is automatically transferred to new owner if the aircraft sells.


HSI protects against failures to HT Blades caused by rub & heat damage from bad fuel nozzles.


Our TBO Extension program is safe, FAA Approved, and compliant with insurance policies.


The cost for a TBO Extension is up to $900,000 less than that of a traditional overhaul.


A TBO Extension after mid-life increases the value of your aircraft by up to double our cost.

Reduce the Cost of Continued Aircraft Operation

Engine overhauls can cost $800k to $1M per aircraft. Market barriers make the overhaul cost-prohibitive and result in well-maintained jets being parked or parted out. Our team developed a program based on historical data and technical expertise that extends engine life at a fraction of the cost.

At TBO Extension, our proven process allows us to extend the life of engines for Beechjet 400A, Hawker 400XP, Citation 550, Citation V, and Citation Ultra aircraft at a fraction of the cost of a traditional engine overhaul.

Our FAA-certified turbine engine life-extension solution has been designed to provide jet owners and operators with 2000 additional hours, or 10-15 years of flying time. Our 2000-hour TBO Extension is the absolute best solution for well-maintained aircraft, with sound airframes and avionics, nearing time to overhaul.

Operate Safely Under TBO Aircraft Life Extension

Our program has been developed in the shadow of a study on the TPE 331 turboprop market in the early 2000s. The research resulted in a 5400-hour life extension program to safely extend TBO, increasing jet value immediately.

Similarly, for the Hawker 400A/XP, Citation 550, S550, 560, and Ultra, research has shown that when properly maintained, engine life could be extended. However, data does show rapid deterioration of hot sections run past 2300 hours if not reworked.

"Over one million flight hours have been achieved with approved time interval extension programs."

In fact, operators like Flight Options, NetJets, Travel Management have successfully operated these engines well past the factory suggested TBO intervals up to 6000 with no performance or adverse safety issues (with routine HSI.)

jt15d aircraft engine

Mitigate Risk By Leveraging Technical Expertise

We are providing a consistent and safe means to create the extension allowed by P&W SB 7003, provided for in AC120-113 and approved by the FAA, under a controlled safety enhanced environment.

Our technical expert has overseen more than 1500 STC’s and 17 Turbine retrofit programs, along with a number of time-life extension efforts.

Our certifications are handled by one of the largest ODA’s in the country, with vast experience in STC and ICA programs.

Our operational experience spans personal aircraft ownership, charter, membership programs, personal aircraft sales, as well as service sales, MRO, and OEM.

We have partnered with Sky Aviation Holdings and companies that provide fuel, aircraft maintenance services, maintenance tracking, insurance, pilot training, fractional aircraft ownership, private aircraft insurance, aircraft avionics, private jets for sale, and aircraft part sales to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution.

Increase Your Resale Value With TBO Extension

Our clients are able to increase resale value by up to two times the cost of our service, making undergoing a TBO Extension a wise investment regardless of whether you plan on keeping or selling your aircraft.

Don't part out your aircraft.

Let's talk about how to protect your aircraft's life and value.

Time Before Overhaul

Frequently Asked TBO Extension Questions

TBO Extension is an alternative to excessive P&W JT15D engine overhaul cost. It is the simplest approach to an approved, safe, and effective 2000-hour turbine engine life extension solution. It uses an FAA Approved STC to install Data Recording equipment and an ICA to modify the existing chapter 5 maintenance manual allowing legal approved engine life extension.

TBO Extension adds 2000 hours to current OEM recommended TBO, with a +/- 300 hour overrun. This allows aircraft to input prior to reaching the recommended TBO interval, without losing time to the next event.

Hot Section Inspection must be performed every 1750 hours (Citations) or 1800 hours (BeechJet). Our STC moves HSI out 2000 hours and allows you to perform a hot section inspection up to 300 hours early so that it can coincide with other work. This has a 300 hour over-run on the backside.

Although the FAA interpretation does allow Part 91 operators not to mandatorily comply with Overhaul, it does not relieve the requirement for hot-sections. Operational data for fleet programs have clearly shown operating the engine more than 2300 hours since last HSI exposes engine to rapid hot section deterioration, this increases the likelihood of internal failures and in-flight shutdowns.

Additionally, most insurance requires compliance with OEM recommended maintenance programs or those approved by the FAA.

FAA STC extension program will transfer in the event the aircraft sells.

Resale appraisal guilds like Blue Book and VREF establish average market values based on an aircraft having mid-time engines. If an aircraft is close to overhaul, its value goes down significantly. For aircraft with hours less than mid-time, value increases. TBO’s STC provides 2000 hours of time, added back to the value of the aircraft.

Unfortunately at the high cost of overhaul, an operator will never recover the money paid in for a traditional overhaul, at a resale event. However, the TBO Extension costs about half of the value you will add back for mid-time engines. So, it pays for itself and earns you money.

It is estimated that in 2-3 weeks everything will be completed.

We do our hot section work at the Dallas Airmotive Facility in Boynton Beach, FL.

Yes, definitely.

This option allows you to maximize the hours until the next overhaul and revalue your aircraft. You would do the TBO STC at your upcoming mid-life event. Your next hot section then comes due at 3750 – 4005 hours, and overhaul then moves out to 6000 hours. By doing the TBO Extension at mid-life inspection, you actually pick-up 500 hours of FREE engine life.

Why pay $160k to $180k just for a hot section, when for the price of our program you can invest that money into revaluing your aircraft well past the traditional 3500-hour OEM program.


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If your Beechjet 400A / Hawker 400XP, Citation V, or Citation Ultra aircraft is close to overhaul or mid-life, our TBO Extension is your best option.

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